NIT Raipur students organise cancer awareness drive to break stigma

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Feb 2019 10:52:21


Staff Reporter,


It is not over, until you decide it is. With this resolve, TEDxNITRaipur on Monday organised a cancer awareness drive on the occasion of World Cancer Day, inviting the students of NIT Raipur to come and participate in this social cause.

February 4 marked the occasion of World Cancer Day, for the purpose of spreading awareness and empower people around the globe to fight against this deadly disease. Millions of lives are lost every year and out of which thousands can be saved only if they were diagnosed earlier. TEDxNITRaipur took the initiative to aware the people about cancer and organised a campaign in the college.

The social drive consisted of video screening of cancer related presentations, videos to make students conscious about this fatal disease and keep them informed about the measures to prevent it. It was held in the E-Hall. A fund collection campaign was also organised to raise money for the economically backward class who can’t afford the costly treatment. The funds collected were given to the NGO Sumit Foundation “jeevandeep”, which helps people suffering from cancer. In the evening, a painting and poster making competition was held at Central Garden where students poured their hearts and soul out on the canvas. To lighten the mood a PUBG competition was also held in the Central Garden.

The programme became a success under the guidance of Dr Sanjeev Das, Faculty Incharge TEDxNITRaipur. The campaign was spearheaded by the student coordinators Anges Anand, Swati Mahato, Navya Thomas, ShirishChandrakar and
Prashant Kumar.