Pramod Manmode working continuously for social causen

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Feb 2019 10:45:09


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Lakhs of people are closely associated with Nirmal Group founded by Pramod Manmode. He has taken extraordinary efforts to make people always happy.  This is one of the reasons that people call him a true social worker who is always  helping people at any time. Some of the qualities of Pramod Manmode include humility, honesty, open mind etc. Born in a middle class family, Manmode’s life journey is not full of bed of roses.

He was a hard worker and today he is enjoying the fruits of it. Today, he is the patron of Nirmal Ujjwal family. Whenever, he gets any opportunity to do social work, he has never missed it. He is always energetic. Although, he is in fifties, but he works like a young person of 25. Manmode has detail study on various subjects.

Manmode is also a known figure in political, social, educational and cultural arenas in Nagpur. He has helped lot of poor people through various events.  The benediction of Manmode’s father and mother has helped him to take a big leap in his life. He has established a spinning mill in Kondhali near Nagpur. The spinning mill has provided employment to local people living in the nearby villages. The spinning mill has state-of-the art machines.

The spinning mill was established to help the farmers who are cultivating cotton. Whatever Manmode does in his life it is done with aplomb. He never feels insecure while discharging his responsibilities.