‘Society must give helping hand to talented specially-abled kids’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Feb 2019 10:46:08


Staff Reporter,

“On seeing the specially abled children perform on stage with all exuberance and charm, I feel that they are no less than the abled ones and their talent must be exploited by society to bring them into main stream,” exhorted Most Rev Dr Elias Gonsalves, chief guest at the 130th annual day function of the Home for Aged and Handicapped Untkhana, and President of Home for Aged and Handicapped on Friday.

Also present in the function were Dr Madhavi Khode Chawre, Director Textile Government of Maharashtra, as special guest. Guest of honour were Sukeshini Telgote, Social Wefare offcer ZP. Manoj Bali General Manager Radisson Blu and Rakesh Sharma also of Raddison Blu, SMMI Congregation France General Counselor Sister Florence, SSMI Congregation Provincial Sister Alice, Provincial Counselor Sister Vinita, Paris Priest Father Joseph Pennicle, Corporator Usha Pilot. Sister Ida had organised and conceptualised the event. Main conductors of the programme were Chanda Sanjay Jadhav and Arti Nimba Choudhary.

Dr Madhavi Khode Chawre, in her speech, expressed her happiness on the performance put up by the specially abled children and expressed that these were as good as normal abled ones. She said that feeling handicapped was a matter of the mind. It is the perception that matters, she pointed out. Those who look down upon handicapped are themselves in that category, she said. She gave example of her husband, who was afflicted by Polio in childhood, something that still hampers his free movement. Yet today he is one of the most accomplished surgeons performing operations, standing on his feet for hours together. She also had a word of praise for the articles exhibited in the exhibition.

People must come forward to ensure longevity of such institutions by willingly donating for the good cause, as life expectancy has increased . She urged the children to develop habit of reading and appealed to the management to add books on Competitive examinations in their library. “ I can see a lot of talent here, who will benefit” averred Dr Khode.

In between speeches, children of the Kg 1 standard of the
institute presented colourful dance items like ‘Koli dance’, ‘Gujarati Dance’, item on ‘8 planets’, dance on the song ‘Ashaye Khile Dil Ki’ and a piece from Tamil Nadu. Their excitement and enthusiasm to be on stage and perform, showed prominently. Sister Lincy read out the report on the activities of the institution. Sister Divya, Manager, proposed a vote of thanks.