Journalists’ conviction alone can help in  maintianing their credibility: Arun Shourie

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Feb 2019 10:21:35


Staff Reporter,

“The journalists have more responsibility, when political pressures are increasing and external and internal threats are tarnishing their image. The credibility goes down if we fall prey to their pressures or lucrative offers in different forms,” said renowned journalist, writer and thinker Arun Shourie.

With sedition law becoming tool in the hands of rulers, the journalists’ conviction alone can help in maintianing the credibility. Shourie referred to several issues to explain his point and advised the mediapersons to be more alert and work with a mission. “One has to pay heavy price for it”, he added.

Shourie was speaking during Arvindbabu Deshmukh Journalism Award function, at Vanrai Sabhagruha, on Friday. Former Maharashtra Minister and President of Arvindbabu Deshmukh Trust was in the chair. Working President of the Trust Dr Ashish Deshmukh, Secretary Jawahar Charde, Jeevan Gaurav awardee Prof Suresh Dwadashiwar and other awardees were present on the dais.

Shourie stated that even the data of independent agencies are manipulated by political persons in the power. He advised journalists to work on the original reports of various committees and agencies to go through the facts. The readers understand what is right and what is wrong but projected through the media under pressure. he also advised to see beyond what X says and what Y says, and go deep into the issues. Shourie also advised to share the facts with others, if its publication is prevented in one’s organisation.

A journalist should not become a grass hopper, but remain like crocodile which never lets anything go away from its clutches. “Our duty is to present facts and not to entertain the readers”, he added. Prof Suresh Dwadashiwar was honoured with Jeevan Gaurav award at the hands of Shourie. Dwadashiwar also spoke about pressures on media and advised them not be demoralised with it and work honestly.

Those who were honoured were Vijay Bawiskar, Dr Uday Nirgudkar, Sunil Chawke, Nishant Sarvankar, Vijay Gaikwad, Ramrao Jagtap, N M Joshi and Deepa Kadam. Dr Ashish Deshmukh made the introductory remarks. Jawahar Charde proposed a vote of thanks.