Clearing the big challenge

  By a k mishra, Tips to set smart goals   1. Student should set specific goalsGoals should be specific and not general. 2. Goal setting for students should be measurableSetting goals for students is a bit tricky because often times studen..


  By dr sana mahewish, We human beings have unquenchable desire to have dreams of a better life and ability to establish and set goals to live out those dreams. We all dream of better financial, emotional, spiritual or physical lives. We have bee..



The Future of Electronic Devices

    By dr kailash r nemade The field of spintronics is outcome of the discovery of "giant magnetoresistance effect” in the late 1980. The giant magnetoresistance effect occurs when a magnetic field is used to align the spin of electro..

Retain your customers; avoid ‘shopping cart’ abandonment!

    By v rashmi rao Its 2018, and we have a customer-centric shopping world where customers switch to different ecommerce sites time to time. Although, buying products doesn't entirely depend upon one factor, but surely depends on an overal..

Future of Robotics

    By prof prawin bhagat Robot is a machine which can do complex and difficult actions automatically with ease and robotics is a branch of Engineering or Technology which deals with the construction, design, operations and applications of ..

Value based education need of the hour

    By dr rajshree randive admane Today’s education gives importance to the examination system and now it is becoming an Information, total marks, merit positions, awards & such thing. The education system; pushing back the value ..


    By ramesh kanitkar It would be a worthwhile activity to disambiguate the word 'devotion' with respect to an organisation as we unravel the dilemma of human resources development in an organisation. An organisation is a structure (either..

Understanding From Student’s Perspective

   The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) is an autonomous body which was established in 1994 by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of India to assess and accredit institutions that provide the Higher Education in India ..

career that gives you satisfaction

  There is an increasing feeling and acceptance today that life is more important than the stress that you take on a day to day basis. People in corporate culture have to put up with highly stressful b where they are forced to give up on life and ..


  BY DR DEVANG SHAH “We need to embrace technology to make learning more engaging. Because when students are engaged and they are interested, that's where learning takes place.” The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) heralds an expone..

Why it’s important to teach students ethics of work

  BY PROF ASHISH TAYWADE, Factors you must remember while selecting a career:  l Interest (Let the students take decision) - It is first step in choosing career, look in to your area of interest then think to select career option. Your inte..

FOCUS ON EMPLOYABILITY not just academics in choosing foreign varsity

  By SANJIV KATARIA TIME was when, if you aspired to study abroad, you wouldn't look beyond the US and the United Kingdom with their prestigious colleges and great institutions of higher learning, many of them with an Ivy League tag. They still e..


    Poonam Menaria Q1: What is the scope for Botany, currently doing B.Sc. with Botany? Is there any internship for Botany? --Poorna Dear Poorna. It’s one of the basic science degrees that provide the base knowledge on which you hav..

Admissions & Current Scenario

  By archana dhade A time comes in everyone’s life when one has to choose a career and for that pursue the required course. This is a turning point in the life. One has to be very cautious and specific. Once the graduation is over the quest..

A flourishing option

  By dr p l zade & prof r s somalwar Students often face confusion while selecting the branch in Engineering. We know that there are lot of options like Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering..

Journalism a jubilant career

  By dr rashmin deshmukh Journalism is a career that offers an individual a unique chance to be an active part of Media, the fourth pillar of democracy. It is a vocation that provides total work satisfaction and a rare jubilance of accomplishment..

Dance your way to HEALTHIER AGEING

  Oldies, you may want to put on your dancing shoes and crank up that tango music as according to a recent study, doing so helps in better ageing. Queensland Ballet and QUT released the results of a joint project examining the health and wellbeing..

Sweet Switch

Sweet Switch..

Breaking myths about diagnostics

  Family faces boycott for... Sahu further claimed that after the incident, his family members were being prevented from taking water from the pond and hand pump and even they were prevented to purchase grocery items from the shops of the village...

Career selection A sweet dilemma

  By nitin bakshi While dealing with hundreds of young students in the age group of ten to twenty five and realising the mistakes that they were making, I was wondering as to what exactly must be going through their minds as well as that of their..


  Poonam Menaria Q1: Dear, Maam, I am in Class Xth appearing this year. I am interested in pursuing a career in Science. I have a keen interest in Biology and would like to take the subject (PCB). But I'm very confused about what options do I hav..

a powerful tool for self-development

a powerful tool for self-development..

Focus don’t multitask!

  By c s krishnamurthy Our brains are grand and exciting organs, but they can’t handle all at once. To be effective, we need to direct our attention to just one task at a time. Distractions and multitasking are detrimental to learning and m..

Small Business Big Gains

    By anita rao The young generation today live on lofty dreams of setting up a ‘Flipkart’ or an ‘Amazon’ as the Entrepreneurship bug has bitten most of them the hard way. Nothing wrong, except that if the venture d..

Jargon in Research

    By dr s b kishor Research should demonstrate organisational, analytical and evaluative skills. In general, Research comprises of the word Re + Search which means, repeat the searching to acquire the new information from the existing fac..

COMFORT ZONE The end of progress

  By nitin bakshi, It was not long ago when the story about Apple hit the headline of all leading business dailies across the world. The story was about the technical initiative taken by Apple in connection with adding some additional features to..

Teaching Career in Gulf

  By ishwar deshmukh, With an increase in unemployment with limited opening in schools and colleges in teaching profession, many post graduates with getting SET/NET exams cleared and doctorates are struggling to get a decent job. The jobs they ar..

Talent v/s hard work The battle continues...

  By nitin bakshi The battle between talent and hard work has been going on for ages. There are millions who feel that it is talent which practically decides the course of your life. They feel that even if you are ready to work hard for years, yo..

The Pathway To Success

    By dr pragya m kumar Just when most others would think about giving up, there are a few who keep going and stay focused…till they reach their desired goal. In the final round of a sporting event, there is often little difference ..

Revision plan for Civil Services Prelim Exam

  By a k mishra With less than 2 months left to UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam 2018, the stage has arrived where revision is the most important aspect of preparation process. Because the syllabus is too vast, just preparing for each subject..


Q1: Ma’am, I am a student of Class IX. I am bad in Science. I want to study English literature and become a radio jockey (RJ). How should I go about it? --Soumya A: Dear Soumya, Many times what subjects we learn in school would have less direct rel..


    By sana s akbani PATIENCE is the key of success was said by a great scholar of India. It is repeatedly stressed in the final revelation of almighty also. One is related to this worldly life—that is, the pre-death period of our lif..

HR sector needs an overhaul

    By dr snigdha mishra & prof rachna nigam People are the most important part of every organisation, no matter how big or small the company is, whether they are operating in services or manufacturing space. They bring with them the sk..

A Fire In The Belly

    By dr s s rathore Nowadays, news and reports are claiming that majority of the engineers passing out from private engineering colleges are unemployable as they do not have necessary employability skills. Jokes are being shared across th..

a Steve Jobs way

    By nitin bakshi Man management has no longer remained the sole domain of HRD personnel. It has often been found that person with passion for excellence will also be able to manage men equally well if not better than the professionally q..

Work smarter not harder

      By dr s b kishor  & swapnil bhagat These days, working smart is the talk of town. If you only work hard, you may not land where you want to be always. If you want to achieve success, you need to work ‘Smart&rsquo..


  By ashwajeet dive, “Sometimes life is about risking everything for a dream no one can see but you.” --Anonymous An average dream lasts merely for seconds. Let the sun rise and only part of it is remembered. That's definitely not th..


    By ujwala sonawane Career in the Hotel management industry popularly known as Hospitality industry encompasses many job opportunities under one umbrella. Growth in Travel and Tourism have increased Jobs world wide, while sectors in the ..

Learning from struggles & sufferings

    By sana shahbaz akbani From every failureEmerges the chanceOf new success THE sun was setting in the west over the mountains. Half of the orb had already dipped beneath the ridge. In a few minutes, the whole sun disappeared behind the ..

Future Trends in Computer Programming Language

    By dr s b kishor Every now and then I have been asked a very obvious question by many students on choosing right computer programming language to master in and I think this is one of the most crippling choices for many students or devel..

Dealing with in thes is

(The author is Head, Deptt of Computer Science, Sardar Patel Mahavidyalaya, Chandrapur and can be reached at [email protected]) Apart from many spectacular and excellent events, the year 2016 would also be remembered for plagiarism. In 2016, Niger..

Is a business degree an absolute must?

    (Compiled by Madhukar Chute, Prof/HOD, Vocational Department, Raosaheb Thaware Jr College, Nagpur)   Is a business degree necessary to be a success in the corporate world? The jury is out on that. There are people in favour and ag..

Entering the world of Digital Marketing

Entering the world of Digital Marketing..


        Poonam Menaria Q 1. Hello Madam. I passed B.Com with average marks. I am around 24 years in age. I appeared in CPT (first level of chartered accountancy) and passed this in the first attempt. Then I registered for CA Int..

Can An IT Company Like Microsoft Be Built In India?

      By dr s s rathore As far as the question of building a company as giant as Microsoft in India is concerned, it seems to be purely hypothetical question at its face value. A true legend in IT Sector, Microsoft is after-all the co..

Growing demand of

    By dr sarika lidoria The exponential growth in the world of business, accelerated further by the expansion in communications and technology, can perhaps only be matched with the fecundity of an evergreen forest. The process that had its..

Employee Absenteeism Management

  By SWETA MOR SAMANTHA Johnson has been working as the Team Lead for the past three years at Globesoft Software Inc. Globesoft Software Inc. is a leading IT giant. Recently, Samantha got promoted to the post of a Project Manager. In her new posi..


  By DR PRAGYA M KUMAR THE exam season is on. Students are getting ready to face the challenge of evaluation of what they have learnt all year through. The process of learning is an interesting one. It involves the acquisition of knowledge, skill..

The Art of Listening

The Art of Listening ..

I am Ok, You are OK

    By kumar zilpelwar Be OK with Yourself and You are on the First step of being Assertive…--K Zi It is an ancient proverb which says, “There is a child in every human being” and today as a trainer, we say, one should a..

Fire in the belly: Passion

  By nitin bakshi I am yet to come across a powerful term like ‘passion’, which seems to have crossed wordily boundaries when it comes to penning down any authentic definition for it. It has assumed gigantic proportion in today’..

‘left’ out

  Nakshatra Vishakha 22H 31MMoon Tula upto 16H 04M (Rajandekar Panchang) Paksha Falgun Krishna Tithi Shashthi 25H 58MBhadra starts 25H 58MMuslim Jamadilakhar 18th Hijree 1439 THE most critical outcome of the legislative elections in the three North..

Gateway to

  By dr rajani d singh Specialised Technologies This course will make students so settled that they can chose the company to join based on the various parameters like the standard, package, location etc. The MCA programme also plays a vital role ..

Game based Vs Traditional Learning

  By dr archana dadhe The world of learning and development is changing dramatically and at long last, learning managers are discovering where the real key to success lies. Constant changes in the educational system and other areas related to edu..


  By indrajeet sirsikar Imagine a shepherd on top of a hill behind the flock. Not many of us would call this average guy doing his chores, a LEADER. The idea of leadership has been engraved in our minds for decades together as someone who leads a..


  Poonam Menaria Q1: I am a Commerce student and I scored above 80% in my 12th examination. And currently I am in my BBA 1st year. But I am totally confused of what I should be doing along with BBA. As I really want to work hard and do something ..

The Need for Quality Research

  Indian institutions (459 universities having 33,0903 colleges) have a long way to go in academic research in general to reach International standards. A high quality of research, on the one hand, is a positive reflection on the status of economi..

TCS ranked among top three employers in US

  Global software major Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) said it has been ranked among the top three employers in the US by the Netherlands-based Top Employers Institute."The Institute has also recognised TCS as one of the world's best places to wo..


By Resmi umesh Educational technology is an unavoidable part of a vibrant learning community. Integration of technology in the class rooms become a basic necessity and the quality of teaching is assessed today by infrastructure and technology used by t..

a great career

  Thaware. JR. College, Nagpur Wouldn’t it be nice if someone had hired you and paid you handsomely for using your creativity to make home and business more beautiful and comfortable?There are few jobs that offer so many benefits as that o..

The career decision dilemma

In a recent survey done by Wheebox, a global talent assessment company for India Skills Report 2018, a whopping 85 percent candidates state that they are not equipped to take career decisions. On sources of career information over 50 percent candidates ..

Peeping into research paper publication

Many researchers are not aware of where to publish a paper and most of them end up with low profile journals having no reviewer and thus the novel idea they have put through paper will never get any acknowledgement or identification or in research terms..

The art of engaging students

Many of us will recall the school or college days, where we found ourselves sitting compulsorily in the classroom, half listening to the monotonous teacher centric lectures. The teachers were more focussed on conveying information, assigning work and le..


  By shreeprakash sharma, Comes the month of February and with that starts what we may call the hectic activities for the last month effort of preparing for the board examinations. Because the time period of last 28 days of February is very cruci..

Logistics As A Career Opportunity

  By aditya bal, The position of logistics and supply chain management has full-fledged expressively. For any industry to grow the process from procurement till supply of the goods is of vital importance. Improper planning and implementation of d..

What did I offer to the Last Year

  By nitin bakshi, What did I offer to 2017 to inculcate positive changes within to make me a better person? While asking following questions to yourself think about you as a person before the start of the last year I.e. at the end of the year 20..


  By prof poonam mishra, There are instances when you are taken aback, speechless and full of questions to self and you wish to eventually pelt out these questions at societies to seek answers. While playing a game of rapid fire cards with my kin..


  By dr subramaniam seshan, Human resource is the centrifugal force in the process of Outcome Based Education. The vision, mission, strategic planning, course outcome, programme outcome are all the aspect which must be seen from the workforce poi..

Developing analytical skills for Success

  By ramesh batlish, As per the new standards, Class XII board performance has gained supreme importance for getting admissions into the nation’s top engineering colleges including IIT. The aspirant needs to be in the top 20 percentile list..


  Poonam Menaria, Q1: I am a Commerce student and I scored 85% in my 12th examination. And currently I am appearing for BBA 1st year exam. But I am totally confused of what I should be doing along with BBA. As I really want to work hard and do so..

Switch to progressive attitude

  We have often heard about positive and negative attitude. Positive attitude encourages you to see opportunity in every problem and negative attitude keeps you looking for problems in every opportunity. Allow us to toss a new term i.e. progressiv..

Career in fashion photography

  A thing of beauty is a joy forever. If you have an eye for beauty and like being surrounded by glamorous people, then fashion photography is the ideal career for you. With the growth of advertising and mass media, fashion photography has become ..


    By nitin bakshi, Friends, life is all about taking right decision at the right time. “If the decision and the time to take decision happen to be right, then life is exactly what you want to make out of it, else it is to be accepte..

Selfie obsession in teenagers

By Dr Archana Dadhe The culture which has been gaining popularity for about a year now, has not only gained the attention of young children, but even adults and artists alike. You move anywhere around the city like Shopping malls, colleges, Picnic site..


  By archana dadhe, Some say creativity is inborn, while others say it is more of a talent and a skill that you must work on. In actuality, creativity is both. While you may be born with a creative talent, you must work on your skill in order to ..

Managing EI at workplace

  The concept of EI: Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognise your own feelings and those of others, and the ability to motivate yourself and others, as well as to manage your own emotions and those of others. Essentially, there are fou..


By kumar zilpelwar, “I will study and get ready... Some day my chance will come.” --Abraham Lincoln I was searching for meaning of a word in a dictionary, a word which is very common, a word which is close to every human being on this eart..

Quality in education

  By resmi umesh, Need of the hour The Right To Education Act makes education a fundamental right of every child between the ages of 6 and 14 and specifies minimum norms in elementary schools. It requires all private schools to reserve 25% of se..

The ‘Arty’ way

  Observation skills are an essential component of any medical education, aiding doctors during patient exams and in making medical diagnoses, yet several studies have indicated inadequacies in this area among medical trainees and practicing physi..

For a glamourous career in event management

        In our country, event management is the most profound of advertising and marketing field. It is a glamorous and thrilling profession. It provides an opportunity for unleashing one’s creative potential to a very hi..

Be creative, stay creative!

  By pooja dhaktod lanjewar, Once in my classroom, I gave a distinct task to my management students. They were given a blank paper and 15 minutes of time and were asked to do anything they can with this piece of paper in 15 minutes. The only cond..

Is it right time to switch jobs?

  There are many employees today who are looking for a change. Many are unhappy over the fact that they had to go through some forced austerity measures adopted by their employers.  Now, how risky will it be to enter into a new organisation?..


  By vivek k singh, While sitting in a waiting area of a big corporate house I have been told that the manager, whom I was about to meet, is busy with taking the interview. The reception desk was just beside me. Few interviewees were sitting in n..

Mnemonic, a great memory tool

  By resmi umesh In today’s world of technological and knowledge explosion we deal with huge data. To remember and recall the data is not so easy. Memory techniques are very important as the students have to remember and recall huge amount ..

Decoding The Demonstration Effect

  By dr deepali naidu, It was mid May, in torrid afternoon, the Reddy family, the Sharmas and the Tiwaris in the Janata Housing Society were ecstatic over their children’s accomplishment. Their wards had successfully graduated Engineering. ..

Motivating Teacher

  By dr rachanaa datey Motivation is an inner drive that directs a person’s behavior towards a definite goal. Globally, the social and economic forces have brought about profound changes to the modern world of education. Every country, each..

The incredible power of optimism

  By dr archana dadhe As a student you may be worried about the future. There is a lot of unsettling news available now about the value of a degree, challenges in the job market, and of course, economic conditions. If you pay attention to this ne..

Hospitality A world of opportunities

  By sagar chitre, Considering the nature of its diversified sectors, several hospitality businesses are opting for multi-location and multi-format strategies to boost operations. This has generated a world of opportunities for those with the req..

For a clearer vision

  By dr rachanaa datey In our country, a large number of students from various universities are facing the crucial problem of choosing a career path. All of them have one or other ambition, and to fulfill these, the students chase a trail which c..

Study Smart

  By dr rachanaa datey, Some days back, one of my students asked me what should be an ideal routine of a student to score more marks. A quick reply from me was- “It is the learning style which makes all the difference. Effective students of..

Looking into creative punishments

  By dr rachanna datey Punishment has always been a very important feature of each and every system. In primeval times, the sole purpose of punishment was retribution. In some premodern societies, punishment was largely unkind or retributive, and..

The changing role of teachers

By dr pragya mathur kumar, The education system of a nation is the foundation on which all the big and small institutions are built. Of all the professions that exist in the society, one of the most respected ones is that of a Teacher. India has a rich..

CAREER HELPLINE by Poonam Menaria

CAREER HELPLINE by Poonam Menaria..

The ‘Mother’of all solutions

By dr dileep singh, Mother is the thread which makes the carnet shines as it keeps all the pearls (family members) united. She is the one who primarily develop trust and love amid family members. Mother is the best teacher as first lessons of values, p..

Goal setting theoryof motivation

ATHENA David works asaProject Manager at TechWorld Inc. She is responsible for managing a team of seven team members. Athena has been facing a lot of problems with her team members. Her team has been underperforming for a long time now. All of Athena&rs..

Preparing future teachers

By Reshmi umesh, Learning becomes relevant if we can apply it properly in actual life situations. As the development of the country is depending on it’s education system, the practicability and skill development of the trainee teachers should be ..

Marketing mistakes of start-ups

By anita rao, ‘Marketing is all about storytelling, can you tell a convincing story?’ The above compelling line hits the proverbial nail on the heads of all business houses who are struggling to take off, but don’t know the reason why..

Inside the world of GD...

Group Discussion   By Kartik G VyasWell after my articles about interview mantras were published, I got a few requests about writing something about group discussions as well. So here’s an article about ‘group discussions’..

Career advice for new graduates

Jun 8   New graduates often need some career advice to get them started on the right career path, and to land that all-important first job. We’ll present three of the best tips for landing a good job and building a career. From tim..