What did I offer to the Last Year

  By nitin bakshi, What did I offer to 2017 to inculcate positive changes within to make me a better person? While asking following questions to yourself think about you as a person before the start of the last year I.e. at the end of the year 20..


  By prof poonam mishra, There are instances when you are taken aback, speechless and full of questions to self and you wish to eventually pelt out these questions at societies to seek answers. While playing a game of rapid fire cards with my kin..


  By dr subramaniam seshan, Human resource is the centrifugal force in the process of Outcome Based Education. The vision, mission, strategic planning, course outcome, programme outcome are all the aspect which must be seen from the workforce poi..

Developing analytical skills for Success

  By ramesh batlish, As per the new standards, Class XII board performance has gained supreme importance for getting admissions into the nation’s top engineering colleges including IIT. The aspirant needs to be in the top 20 percentile list..


  Poonam Menaria, Q1: I am a Commerce student and I scored 85% in my 12th examination. And currently I am appearing for BBA 1st year exam. But I am totally confused of what I should be doing along with BBA. As I really want to work hard and do so..

Switch to progressive attitude

  We have often heard about positive and negative attitude. Positive attitude encourages you to see opportunity in every problem and negative attitude keeps you looking for problems in every opportunity. Allow us to toss a new term i.e. progressiv..

Career in fashion photography

  A thing of beauty is a joy forever. If you have an eye for beauty and like being surrounded by glamorous people, then fashion photography is the ideal career for you. With the growth of advertising and mass media, fashion photography has become ..


    By nitin bakshi, Friends, life is all about taking right decision at the right time. “If the decision and the time to take decision happen to be right, then life is exactly what you want to make out of it, else it is to be accepte..

Selfie obsession in teenagers

By Dr Archana Dadhe The culture which has been gaining popularity for about a year now, has not only gained the attention of young children, but even adults and artists alike. You move anywhere around the city like Shopping malls, colleges, Picnic site..


  By archana dadhe, Some say creativity is inborn, while others say it is more of a talent and a skill that you must work on. In actuality, creativity is both. While you may be born with a creative talent, you must work on your skill in order to ..

Managing EI at workplace

  The concept of EI: Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognise your own feelings and those of others, and the ability to motivate yourself and others, as well as to manage your own emotions and those of others. Essentially, there are fou..


By kumar zilpelwar, “I will study and get ready... Some day my chance will come.” --Abraham Lincoln I was searching for meaning of a word in a dictionary, a word which is very common, a word which is close to every human being on this eart..

Quality in education

  By resmi umesh, Need of the hour The Right To Education Act makes education a fundamental right of every child between the ages of 6 and 14 and specifies minimum norms in elementary schools. It requires all private schools to reserve 25% of se..

The ‘Arty’ way

  Observation skills are an essential component of any medical education, aiding doctors during patient exams and in making medical diagnoses, yet several studies have indicated inadequacies in this area among medical trainees and practicing physi..

For a glamourous career in event management

        In our country, event management is the most profound of advertising and marketing field. It is a glamorous and thrilling profession. It provides an opportunity for unleashing one’s creative potential to a very hi..

Be creative, stay creative!

  By pooja dhaktod lanjewar, Once in my classroom, I gave a distinct task to my management students. They were given a blank paper and 15 minutes of time and were asked to do anything they can with this piece of paper in 15 minutes. The only cond..

Is it right time to switch jobs?

  There are many employees today who are looking for a change. Many are unhappy over the fact that they had to go through some forced austerity measures adopted by their employers.  Now, how risky will it be to enter into a new organisation?..


  By vivek k singh, While sitting in a waiting area of a big corporate house I have been told that the manager, whom I was about to meet, is busy with taking the interview. The reception desk was just beside me. Few interviewees were sitting in n..

Mnemonic, a great memory tool

  By resmi umesh In today’s world of technological and knowledge explosion we deal with huge data. To remember and recall the data is not so easy. Memory techniques are very important as the students have to remember and recall huge amount ..

Decoding The Demonstration Effect

  By dr deepali naidu, It was mid May, in torrid afternoon, the Reddy family, the Sharmas and the Tiwaris in the Janata Housing Society were ecstatic over their children’s accomplishment. Their wards had successfully graduated Engineering. ..

Motivating Teacher

  By dr rachanaa datey Motivation is an inner drive that directs a person’s behavior towards a definite goal. Globally, the social and economic forces have brought about profound changes to the modern world of education. Every country, each..

The incredible power of optimism

  By dr archana dadhe As a student you may be worried about the future. There is a lot of unsettling news available now about the value of a degree, challenges in the job market, and of course, economic conditions. If you pay attention to this ne..

Hospitality A world of opportunities

  By sagar chitre, Considering the nature of its diversified sectors, several hospitality businesses are opting for multi-location and multi-format strategies to boost operations. This has generated a world of opportunities for those with the req..

For a clearer vision

  By dr rachanaa datey In our country, a large number of students from various universities are facing the crucial problem of choosing a career path. All of them have one or other ambition, and to fulfill these, the students chase a trail which c..

Study Smart

  By dr rachanaa datey, Some days back, one of my students asked me what should be an ideal routine of a student to score more marks. A quick reply from me was- “It is the learning style which makes all the difference. Effective students of..

Looking into creative punishments

  By dr rachanna datey Punishment has always been a very important feature of each and every system. In primeval times, the sole purpose of punishment was retribution. In some premodern societies, punishment was largely unkind or retributive, and..

The changing role of teachers

By dr pragya mathur kumar, The education system of a nation is the foundation on which all the big and small institutions are built. Of all the professions that exist in the society, one of the most respected ones is that of a Teacher. India has a rich..

CAREER HELPLINE by Poonam Menaria

CAREER HELPLINE by Poonam Menaria..

The ‘Mother’of all solutions

By dr dileep singh, Mother is the thread which makes the carnet shines as it keeps all the pearls (family members) united. She is the one who primarily develop trust and love amid family members. Mother is the best teacher as first lessons of values, p..

Goal setting theoryof motivation

ATHENA David works asaProject Manager at TechWorld Inc. She is responsible for managing a team of seven team members. Athena has been facing a lot of problems with her team members. Her team has been underperforming for a long time now. All of Athena&rs..

Preparing future teachers

By Reshmi umesh, Learning becomes relevant if we can apply it properly in actual life situations. As the development of the country is depending on it’s education system, the practicability and skill development of the trainee teachers should be ..

Marketing mistakes of start-ups

By anita rao, ‘Marketing is all about storytelling, can you tell a convincing story?’ The above compelling line hits the proverbial nail on the heads of all business houses who are struggling to take off, but don’t know the reason why..

Inside the world of GD...

Group Discussion   By Kartik G VyasWell after my articles about interview mantras were published, I got a few requests about writing something about group discussions as well. So here’s an article about ‘group discussions’..

Career advice for new graduates

Jun 8   New graduates often need some career advice to get them started on the right career path, and to land that all-important first job. We’ll present three of the best tips for landing a good job and building a career. From tim..