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  By Emilia Kliment Q UITE many times one can hear about stretching exercises and the importance of them though it is seldom really explained why they are so important. People who practise sports know that they are, or at least can experience tha..


  JACKFRUIT is a sweet, delicious and exotic fruit that is packed with many nutrients and benefits. It isarich source of vitamin, minerals, phytonutrients, carbohydrate, electrolytes, fiber, fat and protein. This fruit also contains calorie but n..


  Jamun or Black plum is very nutritious seasonal fruit in India associated with many health and medicinal benefits. It is very attractive, sweet and delicious fruit found everywhere in the month of June and July and August. Jamun is a delicious f..


BESIDES building muscles and endurance, bouldering,which involves climbing rocks or walls to amoderate height withoutropes or a harness, may also treat symptoms of depression, suggests new research. “Bouldering,in many ways,is a positive physical ..

Obesity And Spine Health

By Dr Arvind Kulkarni A 59 year old lady who was morbidly obese (BMI 46.6) had unbearable back pain that would radiate down to her lower limbs. Infact, she had been suffering severe disability and activity restriction due to both strained back and obes..

New code system to check spurious medicines soon

New code system to check spurious medicines soon..

Forgetful immune systems

Jun 30 (IANS) Know why does your infant get infections every now and then? It has nothing to do with weak immunity but his/ her immune system may have forgotten to act on time. Forgetful immune systems leave infants particularly prone to infe..