Knotty emotions

  SHADES OF GREY BY RITA AGGARWAL Consulting Psychologist   Asociety that believes in good behaviour may not allow expressions of negative emotions. But negative emotions outnumber positive emotions in our minds as we feel them at all time..

Look for beginning signs

    ■ By RITA AGGARWAL (Consulting Psychologist)Look for beginning signs The columnist can be reached at B/301, Shat -Tarka Aptts, Surendra Nagar, R.P.T.S Road, Nagpur, or on 7719975840, 2220250 and 2223322. She can also be reache..

The delightful Dal Lake

If one wishes to witness poetry vacillate in a fluidic form, to hear and feel a certain tranquility even amid the quandary, one must visit the delightful Dal Lake in Jammu &Kashmir. It is also popularly known as the ‘Jewel in Srinagar’s ..

Vadodara - the centre for art

March 22 (By G Brindha) Like other Gujarati cities, this cosmopolitan ‘hydrocarbon capital’ of India is more than a business center. Infact, as my host Manoj Sharma describes, Vadodara is more inclined to art and tradition than to..