Interest on Saving Bank account up to Rs 10,000/- is eligible for deduction u/s 80TTA

  Section 80TTA provides for deduction of interest on deposits in saving account up to a maximum of Rs 10,000/- only. Interest received over & above Rs 10,000/- is taxable.   Query 1)1. During payment of income tax by challan on 29th Ma..


  The other day, we came across a person who wished to send some money to his son living in London, England. The son wished to open a restaurant there and was falling short of around Rs 25 lakh or roughly USD 40,000 capital. The father had the fun..

A journey towards a cashless economy can catalyse economic growth

  By Amitabh Tewary, India is experiencing a revolution in the payments space. The Government’s demonetization decision along with various other reforms have shown us how going cashless can make life easier. There is increasing competition ..

Bitcoin A Cryptocurrency & Beyond

  By Prof Saurabh Ratnaparkhi I n 2009, a global byproduct had been accouched in the world. To apperceive we may call it- a catalyst, a gift, a boon, or a catastrophic element of the digital world. It’s really knotty at first and highly horr..

Learn to live within your means

  I f you know how to live within your means, and find joy in it, well then, you have attained ‘financial nirvana’. Pat yourself on the back – you’re amazing! One of the biggest perks of living within your means is leading ..

Proper documentations & planning could lower tax incidence

  U/s 56(2)(x), if anyone purchases any immoveable property for an inadequate consideration (i.e., if the stamp duty valuation of the property is more than the actual purchase price) and the difference between stamp duty valuation and actual purch..

10 Mutual Fund MythsBusted

Mutual Funds are a convenient way of investing in the stock market and creating wealth. However, people often get carried away by the misconceptions revolvingaround them and refrain from exploring this investment instrument. In this article, we will bu..

Signs that your teenage kid is heading towards financial disaster

  Aug 2 By Ketki Herlekar Your babies mean the world to you but they could make you want to pull your hair out just as easily. Everybody knows it’s not an easy task to be a parent of teenagers, however new age and ‘cool&rsqu..