Of the spirit, the grit, the fit

  Vijay Phanshikar The first impression of the Nagpur University Playgrounds on Amravati Road nearly fifty years ago was one of a vast expanse of open space, every corner of which had been occupied by young persons engaged in different games. For..


INDIAN bureaucracy has earned itself a dubious distinction of being lethargic, inept, unadoptive to change and unaccountable to the people. There are of course some exceptions. But they are rare to find. The main reason behind this sickening attitude is..


VICE-CHIEF of Army Staff Lt. General Sarath Chand has quite justifiably warned the country that the manner in which China was expanding its influence across the Himalayas it is bound to remain a threat to India in coming years. And the spectre of such thr..


NO one else but the unruly six Congress MPs themselves should be blamed for inviting suspension by Lok Sabha Speaker Mrs. Sumitra Mahajan against them. Through their highly unacceptable behavior of storming into the well and throwing papers at the Speak..


WITH the demise of Prof. U.R. Rao, the world has lost a legendary scientist whose absence will be felt particularly in India. As a leading space scientist, Prof. U.R. Rao was one of the early architects of India’s space programme and led the ambitio..


AT a time when the Government is taking steps to cleanse the system of corruption, it becomes obligatory for chartered accounts (CAs) also to pitch in. Unfortunately, not many CAs appear to be helping the Government in this. On the other hand, many of t..


BY ANY standard, the failure of Indian Women’s cricket team to win the World Cup final match against England can be termed as unfortunate. The Indian ladies allowed a near-sure victory to slip from their grip and met with defeat that should have act..

Of freedom of art

  By Vijay Phanshikar     “Art, even modern art, need not be instant. In the luxury of a little time, I can try to avoid some of the most obvious traps of the news. I am, like Popeye, what I am. I do not have to be the represe..


INDIAN hockey coach Mr. Roelant Oltmans has said that failures of past in some major tournaments have not been a deterrent in his quest to make the national team world class. Mr. Oltmans says that ever since he took over as the national coach four years a..

Dangerous drift toward moral decline of youths - II

THE real-life story of a young earning girl having not a penny in her back account, published in the last week’s ‘Loud Thinking’, triggered many phone calls and e-mail messages sharing similar stories in shocking numbers. Most of these..


THE concept of global fight against terror is on the verge of witnessing a paradigm shift in strategic arena. For the first time, the United States has officially stated that it sees Pakistan as a nation that has been providing safe haven to terrorist gro..


                THE dark underbelly of the so-called glamorous jobs in IT companies was exposed badly recently when an employee was  asked by an HR person in an IT firm to quit immediately or face sac..


THERE is so much halo around the office of the President of India that the election to the highest post in the land is watched with keenness. So also this time, though the contest between Mr. Ram Nath Kovind and Ms. Meira Kumar was almost a one-sided affa..


                THOUGH the US has stated the obvious in its report that Pakistan is providing a safe haven to terrorists, it does not lessen the importance of the findings. The report has cited various inc..


IT was a cantankerous behaviour by Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Ms. Mayawati, when she resigned from the Rajya Sabha in a huff, alleging that she was not allowed to speak on the issue of attacks on Dalits. There are certain norms to be followed by th..


THE idea of Karnataka Government to have a separate and additional flag for the State is not just unacceptable but also unconstitutional. Despite a constitutional bar on any such idea, except in Jammu and Kashmir where special conditions have prevailed fo..


THE stand taken by RBI in the Supreme Court that it could not make public the identities of big defaulters of loans as it could severely impact the businesses, is unjustifiable. Most of the public and private sector banks are in the red because of their..


WITH both China and Pakistan heightening their military activities along the Indian borders, the two countries appear to be acting in tandem to keep India on tenterhooks and keep its military strength stretched. Both neighbours acting simultaneously and p..


DURING intervening period between the Budget and Monsoon sessions of Parliament much upheaval has taken place in the country. This gives potent ammunition to Opposition parties to try to corner the Government. While the Opposition is ready for firing sa..


IT is most pathetic that even after 70 years of getting Independence, nearly 304 million of countrymen still have no access to electricity. A Niti Aayog report released recently has lamented that despite the Government undertaking rural electrification dr..

Of interrogating self

By Vijay Phanshikar, “The failure of architecture to create congenial environment mirrors our inability to find happiness in other areas of our lives. Bad architecture is in the end as much a failure of psychology as of design. It is an example e..


IT IS MITHALI ‘Raj’ all the way for the Indian women’s cricket team with the experienced and highly talented Captain leading from the front the team’s ongoing World Cup campaign in England. Her strokefull and consistent batting at ..

Dangerous drift toward moral decline of youths

THIS is one subject that is going to come up for discussion again and again -- regarding the behaviour of youngsters, boys and girls in junior college or college in particular. It is common experience these days about the kind of ‘freedom’ b..


THAT some unidentified person(s) were successful in planting a powerful explosive inside the Uttar Pradesh Assembly building without anyone noticing it, is a big security lapse. The powerful PETN explosive, kept near the seat of the Leader of the Oppositi..


                LUXURY IN PRISONS! THE allegation that AIADMK (Amma) leader Mrs. V. K. Sasikala was being given a ‘special’ treatment in prison is yet another ugly symbol of corruption in jail..


HAVING clandestinely made its base in what is essentially an Indian territory, illegally occupied by Pakistan in PoK, China has the impertinence to offer mediation between India and Pakistan to resolve disputes between the two countries. The first thing t..


THE suggestion made by the Supreme Court to the Government to either frame law or implement new guidelines to give more teeth to the authorities for regulating the activities of NGOs and monitoring utilisation of funds by them, has given a shot in the a..


THE fact that China is in the process of restructuring its armed forces and would downsize its army 0f 2.3 million persons to less than one million, should make the world sit up and take notice. For, this intended restructuring is being effected with the ..


DEATH of Islamic State (IS) chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, which has been confirmed by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, is a deadly blow to the most brutal terror outfit that has butchered thousands of innocent people mostly in Syria and Iraq. Thou..

spruce up

EVEN as the nation sees an outcry of anguished people for revenge against the terrorists who attacked a band of Amarnath pilgrims,and even as Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi issues necessary instructions to officials to spruce up security so that the rem..


CHINA, which is flexing its muscles in the Indian Ocean, is feeling extremely insecure following the Malabar naval exercise, being held in the Bay of Bengal jointly by the navies of India, US and Japan. The reaction of China, which hoped that the exerci..


BY EVERY standard, the terror attack on Amarnath pilgrims claiming at least seven lives is cruel and cold-blooded. That one particular vehicle had strayed away from the main column of vehicles on way to the holy Amarnath shrine and that it did not have pr..


EVEN as a Group of Ministers sits down to decide the fate of huge art collection of Air India that is about to undergo the process of disinvestment, it would be pertinent to suggest that the Government forms a special museum under its own control and na..


The HUGE endorsement by world leaders of the economic reforms that the Indian Government has undertaken under the stewardship of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi when during the two-day summit meeting of G20 grouping, in Hamburg on Saturday, has put a sta..

Value of Art

  By Vijay Phanshikar   “Humanity has lost its dignity, but Art has rescued it and preserved it in significant stone. Truth lives on in illusions of Art, and it is from this copy, or after-image, that the original image will once ag..


WHILE 19 members of the powerful G20 made their commitment to the implementation of the Paris agreement on climate change, US President Donald Trump sang a discordant song. But the world leaders ensured that there was no friction in the grouping and allow..

Launching a rural school-II

O NE of the most touching experiences inrural areas is visiting the schools. In most, facilities are only minimal, and the infrastructure is now here near those available in urban schools. Yet, one does come across at least some schools in which the qua..


 EVEN as Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi presented an eleven-point plan to counter terrorism globally at the G-20 Leaders’ Retreat at Hamburg, every head of the government of member-nations realised the critical importance of the document. As ..


                THE lament of the country’s highest court on the Karnan episode is understandable,  as the controversial judge’s utterances in the media and his judicial orders against jud..

PM’s smart

THE statement by a Chinese Foreign Ministry official that the “atmosphere is not right” for talks between President Mr. Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, showed two things: Chinese reluctance to open topmost level discussion whe..


  FROM the days of ballot papers and time-consuming, cumbersome manual counting of votes to the present technological advancement, the electoral process has undergone change beyond recognition. So much so that the entire world is taking cognisance..


THAT students of as many as 27 colleges and 26 schools in Hyderabad consume high end drugs like LSD and MDMA, is something very disconcerting as well as utterly shameful. Some people may contest the findings of an official probe, but they must take notice..


CHINA is just refusing to accept what is a well established historical fact on the status of Sikkim and Bhutan because of its newfound ambitions of a superpower, spreading its hegemonist fangs all across regions. All neighbours of China are suffering be..


THE manner in which Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s Israel visit got off to a great start indicates the dawn of a new era in international realpolitik. The manner in which Israel’s Prime Minister Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed the distingu..


PRIME Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s advice to the newly recruited IAS officers to bring in a change in the administrative system by showing boldness, though praiseworthy, should be taken with a pinch of salt. Bureaucrats function within the socio-p..


BY EVERY standard, Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s visit to Israel is momentous. By every definition, this visit is going to attract global attention. The whole world will watch eagerly how the visit will shape the global equations in the next fe..

Between a person and a poet

By Vijay Phanshikar, “We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, but of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry. ... .” - William Butler Yeats, In ‘Anima Hominis’, 1917. COMPLEX words, though they sound so simple. For, in co..

vital support

FORMER Indian captain Baichung Bhutia’s assertion that Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has assured to provide continued support for the development of the game of football in the country, is indeed a welcome news both for the players as well as the..


  THE unusual gift of a bicycle to Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi by his Dutch counterpart Mr. Mark Rutte during his recent visit to the Hague should be taken as a symbolic gesture with a hidden message of promoting cycling culture in India. Eve..


CHINA is speaking a blatant lie when it says that Pakistan is on the front-line in the international fight against terror. Chinese Foreign Ministry has insisted that the world should recognise Pakistan’s effort to curb terrorism. That China has to d..

Touch of greatness

Vijay Phanshikar, One adage that Dhantoli has proved rather wrong is: ‘No prophet is honoured in his own country’. Dhantoli was one area of Nagpur where many truly great personages lived almost simultaneously. The locality honoured all of t..


  There were also allegations corruption and financial irregularities against the bosses of many private banks. But hardly anyone was punished under the law. With the apex court defining the officials working in private banks functioning under the..

breaking ice

THE most critical achievement of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s first visit to United States President Mr. Donald Trump was that the Indian leader was able to tear off reticence of the American leader and establish with him a fairly personal com..


                He is omnipresent, and almost omniscient -- in the sense he seems to know what the rival is about to do. He had showed promise even earlier.   But consistent exposure to internationa..

vital visit

  FOR Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi the ongoing visit to the United States is full of possibilities and speculation too. While Mr. Modi had established a close personal rapport with previous President Mr. Barrack Obama, resulting in various path-..

In search of ‘idea’

By Vijay Phanshikar To have a great idea, have a lot of them. - Thomas Alva Edison Great ideas! This has been an obsession of human societies -- since time immemorial, since Time began. The human journey is dotted with countless trillions of ideas -- gre..

New Talent

FORMER captain Rahul Dravid, who is also the coach of the under-19 team, has given a timely call to the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and the national selectors to take a decision on Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh continuing in the t..

hit back

THAT a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DySP), Mr. Mohammed Ayub Pandith, was lynched to death by a mob outside Srinagar’s historic Jamia Masjid outside which was engaged in ‘access control’ -- frisking -- duty, a very serious matter whi..




  ACLAMOUR alleging human rights violations is often raised by many people whenever Naxalites are killed by the security forces. However, when security personnel are massacred, the self-appointed conscious keepers of the nation usually remain sile..




SOME miles away from the debacle the Indian cricketing team was experiencing in the Champions Trophy cricket final, a solid show was underway on the hockey turf. India were lording over arch-rivals Pakistan, eventually thrashing them 7-1 in the Hero Hocke..

A very huge question-mark

- Vijay Phanshikar THERE is little doubt that each 10th standard or 12th standard child bringing in very high percentage of marks also brings a great happiness to the teachers and family and others. Each summer sees a tremendous celebration about high ma..

A Failed Entity - IV

As a State that had its systems controlled by its own Government, Pakistan should have designed its own policies, its own priorities, its own plan with a long-distance vision. That did not happen. For, no sooner than it was formed did Pakistan become sort..

New Overture

New Overture..


real crisis..

When Dhantoli expands

Vijay Phanshikar Our teacher of Physics had taught us in ninth standard that matter does not expand, and new energy is never created; both these only change form. But a strange scientific phenomenon came to light in Dhantoli in just few days in immediate..



Sensing path of faith

  By Vijay Phanshikar Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the Dawn is still dark - Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore OF COURSE, faith has been described variously by various people, but this one perception by Gurudev Rabindranath Ta..

Rebels without a cause

Rebels without a cause..

Of listening to art!

  By Vijay Phanshikar, The whole culture is telling you to hurry, while the art tells you to take your time. Always listen to the art.- Junot Diaz WHAT a profound statement! And how simply has Junot Diaz stated it! It has always been the experien..

Decks Cleared For TAPI

DECKS have been cleared for the much touted and long awaited TAPI gas pipeline project that would bring gas from Turkmenistan to India and Pakistan. The ambitious $ 10 billion project, which has had a checkered past, has gained momentum particularly after..


PRIME Minister Mr Narendra Modi has raised a vital point of need to choke terror funding, at a global conference of CBI and State anti-corruption bodies, which was attended by 34 countries. Paris terror attack, in which 134 people were killed, was natural..

Rejuvenating Closer Ties

THE recently concluded India Africa Forum Summit in New Delhi has put into sharp focus the significance of a vibrant India and a resurgent Africa to once again work in close cooperation. India has a long association with some African States and some key p..