NOT A GRITTY TALE   JAI GANGAAJAL By Aasawari Shenolikar “ MADAM / SIR, Aaj aapne hamein mardb ana diya. ” This is uttered by a couple ofpolice officers, and the recipient is AbhaMathur (Priyanka Chopra),the SP of Bankiganj, after s..

DOESN’T ROCK ( Sanam Re )

By Aasawari Shenolikar “DADU, pyar kya hota hai?” this is a query that a six-year old boy asks his grandfather. After giving him the definition of Pyar, that includes words like ‘ruh’ and ‘soul’, the next question is..

Below expectation ( FITOOR )

By Farina Salim Quraishi OF the many ‘Great Expectations’ one had from Fitoor, it manages to fulfill a few, and sorely disappoints with the rest.While the movie is an intense love story, it lacks depth; it has some charismatic moments, yetl..

Way un-Kool (kyaa Kool hain hum 3)

Film Review By Farina Salim QuraishiThe first thought which crosses one’s mind as the outrageous Kyaa Kool Hai Hum 3 (KKHH3) starts rolling is how on earth did the ‘Sanskari’ Censor Board even allow this film to unfold on the screens. G..

Akshay soars high, yet again (Airlift)

Airlift     Film reviews By Aasawari ShenolikarRaja Krishna Menon, with Airlift, brings to the viewers a poignant and moving tale of the 1,70000 Indians who were caught in the midst of the Iraq - Kuwait conflict and found themselves ..

Wazir (Stalemate)

Wazir     Film review: By Aasawari ShenolikarLife is a game of chess - and in this game, highlighted by well crafted crafty moves, two strong individuals, each deeply hurt and nursing a grouse  - one for having lost a daught..

Dilwale,Big on bling

Dilwale   By Farina  Salim Quraishi;Dilwale has everyone doing what they are best known for. It has the King of Romance, Shah Rukh Khan, falling and fighting for love like no other, master of popcorn cinema, Rohit Shetty pulling out al..

Bajirao Mastani, Spectacular

Bajirao Mastani   By Aasawari ShenolikarLove has no colour; love is a religion in itself. And this is primarily what Sanjay Leela Bhansali depicts in his royal epic Bajirao Mastani. As soon as the credits roll, you know that you are in for ..

A lot to Hate in this Story

Hate Story 3   By Aasawari Shenolikar The third installment in the Hate Story franchise, Vishal Pandya’s Hate Story 3 is being touted as an erotic thriller - but after sitting through a torturous two and half hours, I can only co..

Too slow a ‘story'

Jun 13 (By Farina Salim Quraishi) Poignant, unfinished love stories definitely have some powerful magic. Told with restrain and subtlety - like in Mr And Mrs Iyer, Raanjhanaa and even Rockstar - the saga of unrequited love moves even the most..