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A very huge question-mark

- Vijay Phanshikar THERE is little doubt that each 10th standard or 12th standard child bringing in very high percentage of marks also brings a great happiness to the teachers and family and others. Each summer sees a tremendous celebration about high ma..

Wanted: Coaches, who can coach!

  By Aasawari Shenolikar, The backbone of any sport is the technique adopted for training by the trainer i.e. the coach. And training is proportionately relevant to the knowledge of the coach. Our coaches, though a few have made progress, need to..

When Dhantoli expands

Vijay Phanshikar Our teacher of Physics had taught us in ninth standard that matter does not expand, and new energy is never created; both these only change form. But a strange scientific phenomenon came to light in Dhantoli in just few days in immediate..

For Pitt’s sake!

For Pitt’s sake!..