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  By sonali jha chatterjee, Would you invite strangers to your wedding? These strangers, rest assured, are not gate-crashers; they are well-meaning foreigners who would like to be a part of your wedding ceremony. And they are willing to pay for t..


  JUST LIKE THAT By Biraj Dixit It is good to be ‘well-read’ or ‘read’ at the least. Of course, one gains enormous knowledge from reading. One knows what was, is and could be going around in the world; and can also develo..

In 2019, Resolve To Be A New You

  By vidya raja, I am in the National Capital where temperatures have dipped to 1.8 degree Celsius, colder than even London. It seems like the winter this year is going to be severe. So brace yourself Delhi/NCR-vaasis. Each year, around this time..

Not too fussy

  Chitrangada Singh on her fashion choices   Actress Chitrangada Singh believes in keeping her style game simple and organic and says that she is not too fussy with her fashion choices. “I’m not too fussy, and prefer to keep it ..

Hope, and a prayer

  By biraj dixit,           ‘Mat puchh ke kya haal hai mera, tere pichheTu dekh ke kya rang hai, tera mere aage’, Mirza Asadullahkha Ghalib, the muse and the magician, the creator of many such fine cou..

Go green, this Christmas

  By Sharon George, Moderation is the last thing on people’s minds at Christmas. Shopping, travelling and eating reach peak levels - putting pressure on our planet. Even Santa poses a problem. If you don’t believe in flying reindeers,..

Greeting cards make a comeback

  By Joanne E McNeish, Forty years ago, the sending and receiving of Christmas greeting cards was one of the steps in declaring adulthood and establishing one’s own home. Part of becoming an adult was communicating the year’s events t..

POW-fect Girls

  Cartoon Network India celebrates 20 years of The Powerpuff Girls by unveiling the inaugural edition of the ‘POW-fect Girls’ list. Home to the superhero sisters, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, Cartoon Network carved the marvelous sto..

Celebrating ‘toon’ magic

  By Nivedita Nandita Mahtani has associated with Cartoon Network to come up with a collection inspired by the channels original series like the Powerpuff Girls,, Johnny Bravo, Samurai Jack, Courage the Cowardly Dog and Dexter. The designer says ..

Heavenly, marriages these!!!

    By Biraj Dixit,       MARRIAGES are made in heaven, they say. The married might argue that except for the heights of the sarcasm and depths of irony, there is nothing as perfect as heaven in that arrangement. They ma..

For sound sleep

  It's not just the right sleepwear that plays an important role to experience uninterrupted sleep, bedtime is also the perfect instance to take immense care of your luscious locks and skin and to rejuvenate from the harm caused by the pollution a..

DIY Head Mask

  Chiranjiv Chhabra, Director and Consultant Dermatologist at Skin Alive Dermatology and Aesthetics also has some inputs to share:Oil your hair regularly & properly: You should regularly oil your hair as it nourishes the scalp, cleanses dirt a..

Opinionated women not easily accepted in our country: Jwala Gutta

  By nivedita, She feels that #IShapeMyWorld is all about living on your own terms and being unstoppable, which she believes in too. She remembers the time when some of her seniors gave statements that she can’t play badminton but that mad..

Breakfast and diabetes: What’s the connection?

  By madhavi bhatt trivedi, You have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast, as the name implies, is to break the fast between dinner and lunch. It is well-established that starting the day with a wholesome breakfas..

Oh, these delectable dilemmas!!!

  By biraj dixit,         “To be or not to be, is the question.”Wonder why these lines have assumed as much immortality as Shakespeare himself? Because they touch the core of human existence wherein lies dile..

Sharing woman’s festive load

  By DR RASHMIN DESHMUKH, In our country festivals, customs, celebrations and occasions occupy almost every page of our almanac. Festivities freshen up our nation. Felicity is perceptible all around with best dressed men, women and children in jo..

The clean up

  By biraj dixit, “Dust thou art, to dust thou returnest”       So why should we make such a fuss about the dust in between? In birth and death, you are dust, but in between all you do is try to free yourself from..


  By sonali jha chatterjee, Fashion gurus to the rescue Personality matters The couple at the centre Jewellery Less is more Outfits Light and structured Colours Pastels rule The Big Day is here. The bride and groom are in a tizzy: what to w..

Inside the big fat Indian wedding: Conservatism, competition and networks

  By PARUL BHANDARI, Indian weddings are most famously imagined as enormous spectacles. This image is surely real, though representative of a small segment of the Indian population, and realised only in the world of the super-rich. Some reports h..

Sweta’s unfazed grit

  By jovita aranha, When newspapers in the sleepy town of Bhadreshwar hit the doorstep of her family home, she had made it to the front page. ‘Daughter of Grocer tops state, clears UPSC with AIR 19’ the headlines splashed. We’v..

Silence of good is victory of evil

  By biraj dixit,         It’s celebration time again, time to rejoice victory of good over evil. Time to remember that evil must be defeated if the good ought to prevail in society. Time yet again to remember that..

Outfit trends for winter brides

  Beat the chill on your wedding day with style. Go for full sleeve silhouettes and blouses in raw silks and other thick fabrics like velvet, suggest experts. Designers Osman Sajida and Anita Ojha have given a few inputs: n Long chudidar sleeves ..

Mini-Me trend

  By bhavya chawla,   (Coordinating outfits for mother and daughter) Right from childhood, little girls like to mimic their mommies from the age of 2 and 3. They explore their moms wardrobes, draping their sarees, wearing their lipsticks o..

Is charcoal a wonder product?

    By SANAYA CHAVDA, A number of face masks, cleansers, scrubs and blackhead removal strips in the market today have one ingredient in common - charcoal. It is known to be a boon for those with oily skin, pimples and enlarged pores. In fac..

Pregnancy empowers you, doesn’t make you handicapped: Sania Mirza

  By nivedita, She was at the peak of her career when she decided to step into motherhood, but tennis star Sania Mirza, who is due to deliver next month, always believed in moving forward in her life. For her, pregnancy doesn't mean taking things..

Health my, my...!

      By Biraj Dixit,           It is said that good health is the greatest wealth one can possess. Those nursing any doubt about the age-old adage, ‘Health is wealth,’ must visit a doctor o..

Planning that dream wedding

  By sonali jha chatterjee, The Big Day at last! The wedding is round the corner, but alongwith the happiness also comes tension and worry for the families involved. Would everything be perfect? Where to start? Not to worry, the wedding planner i..

Casual to couture: Look chic in white

  By smriti singh, From skirts to saris, jumpsuits to lehengas, shrugs to business suits, and shirts to sherwanis -- white and pastels are acing the race in the fashion world -- both in the casual and couture space. Complementing both traditional..

‘Customers still need to understand true meaning of handloom’

  By nivedita, Mohammed Yasin Shahabuddin and Mohammed Farooq Shahabuddin are two artisans from a small village called Piparcity. They are working with the brand Fabindia for over 30 years now and in these years, they say that though the customer..

Dancing is therapeutic

  By shiamak davar, Children are more receptive to the process of learning during their growing years. When I decided to make dance my career, my primary aim was to set up a dance academy that furthers Dance as Education. The goal from then on ha..

Persistence paid off

  By siddhi jain,   Mamta, the noted Kathak performer, whose lineage stretches seven generations, is among the first female professionals from the Lucknow gharana to adopt the dance form as a profession Women in the family of Kathak legend..

Four-point strategy: A fundamental approach to modern parenting

  By DR RASHMIN DESHMUKH,   This is not an expert’s word of advice on parenting as the title may suggest. These days so much is communicated about the happening theme, through media messages, articles, blogs, workshops etc. The profes..

So ‘tea’tillating!!!

  By BIRAJ DIXIT,           A lovely cup of tea in one hand and the feel of pitter patter on the other…what more can I ask of this beautiful morning but for the time to stand still! The three of us have been..

Planning a winter wedding? Here are some fashion tips

Planning a winter wedding? Here are some fashion tips..

Innovativen By DR asha mane

Innovativen By DR asha mane..

Keep fashion light, simple and elegant

Keep fashion light, simple and elegant..

Midwifing change:

    How maternity deaths were reduced to zero in remote tribal hamlets By mohammed shafeeq The scenic beauty of Araku Valley in Andhra Pradesh is in stark contrast to the lives of indigenous tribes people inhabiting the region. Living in v..

Indian wellness centres attract women with anti-ageing concepts

    By nivedita The Indian woman has good knowledge about lifestyle in the world like never before and this has resulted in a rise of advance beauty treatments, especially anti-ageing solutions, in the country. Stress, sedentary lifestyle, ..

Turning obstacles into opportunities

    IAS officer Ashwini Bhide has shattered many a glass ceiling with her intellect and confidence By neil pate From building indigenous water conservancy check dams (Ashwini Bundharas) in Nagpur to putting people and politicians on the ri..

The Silver Nomads of the Himalayas

    The nomadic Gujjars and Bakkarwals living between the higher mountain reaches to the plains of Jammu in the winters are also known for the beautiful jewellery that their women wear. Jammu-based journalist and professor The writer re..

A Friendly Voice Over The Phone

A Friendly Voice Over The Phone..

Parenting the right way!

Parenting the right way!..

Ketogenic Diet?

Ketogenic Diet?..

Purchasing couture in India iscentered around wedding:

Purchasing couture in India is centered around wedding:..

Get rid of chubby cheeks

    By sapna vyas If you follow these guidelines, you will definitely add more definition to your cheeks and jawline. You might feel uneasy when taking pictures, thinking that the camera might add extra pounds to your face. But you need not..

The other wise

            BY BIRAJ DIXIT, I am wise or so I believe. How-so-ever one may oppose my supposition but I stand by it, completely guarding it. One might easily presuppose that with so much absoluteness in my own belie..

How tribal women of Kanha are driving their own destiny

      Encouraged by the success of promoting women in forest staff, forest officials are planning to set an example by making Mukki the country’s first women-controlled forest zone   Mukki zone in the famous Kanha National..

Jane Austen’s world, and life, still relevant

  By vikas datta, Great authors are not those who continue to resonate far beyond their own time and space but who provide a special kinship, a solace in times of personal upheavals. As Jane Austen proved for this Pakistani author, who grew up wi..

Is Mother India Really Independent

  BY ANNINYA SARKAR, It is the 71st independence Day that India will be celebrating on 15th of August this year. But while contemplating independence in its literal meaning ‘self-sufficient’, what enormously baffles my mind is the dif..

Energy-boosting snacks

  Building up endurance is key, but you can't do that without the fuel your body needs. Wholesome energy-boosting snacks are essential for keeping up the pace, whether you’re focused on a 5K or full marathon. There are a variety of runs acr..

The height of cooking

  By POOJA SALVI, High atop a mountain, one imagines a view encapsulating the horizon and the land beyond. Monstrous winds sweep through the deep gorges in the valley cutting ruthlessly through your skin. The mountains are not a kind place for us..

Couture is opening a lot of doors: Amit Aggarwal

  By nivedita, Designer Amit Aggarwal feels that future of Indian couture has moved from bridal and is opening a lot of doors especially in current time when youngsters are becoming more experimental with their fashion taste. “The future o..

Racing it right!

Racing it right!..

Today, Indian women cricket team is treated at par with men’s team: Mithali Raj

    By nivedita Indian women’s cricket team is appreciated and respected like their male counterparts in today’s time, feels the captain of the ship Mithali Raj who credits the team’s impressive stint at the World Cup in 2..

A city and a cave

        The first showers of the season and our cities were neck deep in trouble. Flooded, choked, inundated and submerged – that was what they were. Many were reminded of Samuel Coleridge’s ‘Water, water, every..




    By yoshita rao It was pure curiosity that led me to take the trendy Zumba class after work one day, egged on by slim smiling supermodel ads. Well, you know what they say about curiosity and the cat. Half an hour into the intense workout..

From Bollywood styling to Oscar AcademyFrom Bollywood styling to Oscar Academy

From Bollywood styling to Oscar AcademyFrom Bollywood styling to Oscar Academy..



The True Power of Setting Right Goals

    By elizabeth babcock When it comes to improving our health and well-being, many of us find motivation failing us when we need it most. It’s a common feeling that plagues many, especially when it comes to weight loss, which might m..

A Trojan Horse’s riposte

          he worst thing that can happen to you after annihilation is listening to those grieving over your loss. It’s a good thing that they tell you that you will be missed and remembered, but the endless brooding..

Green herbs stuffed spicy spanakopita

      Ingredients: 100 gms boiled chopped spinach: 50 gms fine chopped green onion: 10 gms fine chopped green garlic: 5 gms green chili paste: 50 gms fine chopped green bellpepper: 5 gms chopped parsley: 100 gms feta cheese: 50 gms cho..

Ace art of making eclair

Ace art of making eclair..


      Behind all those fabulous hair colouring styles with French names - ombre and balayage - and techniques - highlights or global - is a cold, harsh truth. That hair colour is born from a dance of chemicals. This explains why the bl..

Tariff-ic fables of our times…!

          What is history, but a fable agreed upon? --Napoleon Bonaparte Aha! History and fables, those inseparable friends. You often mistake one for the other. And oh the furore they create as they walk past our lanes! I..


    By sana shahbaz akbani TRUE progress for women cannot be achieved by encouraging them to make their entry into every field of life. A better approach would be to increase their knowledge, skills, alertness and awareness in their own sph..


    By shweta patwardhan Sangeeta Kushal, 24, an MSc student never believed in a love marriage. A bright student, she was looking forward with excitement to the matchmaking process when it came to short-listing an ideal candidate for her ma..

Will Girija Ever Feel At Peace Again?

Will Girija Ever Feel At Peace Again? ..

Sizing it up for Indians

Trying to find a dress in the right size, whether online or during mad rushes in changing rooms, is often a daunting task. More so for Indians, who have to refer to UK and US charts for their sizes. The discrepancies between these size guides – a UK..

6 summer essentials to stay healthy and maximise the season

  The long summer months are full of potential. From hitting the beach to hitting the open road, there are plenty of activities for you to get outdoors and explore the warm weather. To make the most of the sunny days and star-studded nights, you n..

Style debate: Heels vs flats

  By MANISH MISHRA Some feel that a pair of towering heels exude an air of being in control, others prefer dancing in flats. The idea of vertiginous heels to some says - lady-like and less teenybopper, others swear by flats for the unbridled comf..


  By shweta patwardhan A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association tracked how sluggish children become once they hit the teen years. The study, funded by US National Institute of Child Health and Human Development..

Good old days…

Good old days…..

In step at

    By yogesh pawar At the Shiamak Davar Dance School in Central Mumbai, students are being put through paces as they warm up for their ballet routine. She may be at the other end of the hall, but septuagenarian Tushna Dallas can spot a stu..

Hot Trends In Shades This Summer

    By deepannita ghosh A pair of sunglasses should be high on your list of quintessential this summer. But who says you should have just one? If you’re looking for some chic glasses to go with new office outfits or a pair of great sh..

On the fringe

    By SANAYA CHAVDA Go bold with your tresses by flaunting a micro-fringe. The short, choppy bangs look has gained popularity recently and caught the fancy of a number of stars. Emma Roberts made heads turn when she flaunted a blonde lob w..


  By shweta patwardhan If you don’t look good on social media, you may as well disappear from the face of the earth. The millennial live by this adage, and are hell-bent on doing whatever it takes, to look best. “Young people today kn..

Hail, Lady Summer

    By BIRAJ DIXIT The person who came up with the phrase ‘as hot as hell’ must have visited Vidarbha for sure. For, even though speaking figuratively, he/she must have had some experience of extreme heat, if not ‘hell&rsq..

Biological clock in women: Myth or Reality?

    India is projected to become the youngest country by the year 2020 and overtake even China in this regard. In this era of increasing urbanisation and women embarking on careers, planning a family has taken a backseat. More and more women..

Rules the ring

  By JAIDEEP SARIN WWE fights may be flashy, hard and violent at times but the first Indian woman to get into that ring at the international level has beaten bigger odds at home to reach there. Kavita Devi, who is better known in the World Wrestl..

Giving wings to weavers

  Nikhat Mariyam Neerushaa is a name synonymous to Grandeur and magnanimous opus that we see on Hindi Television. She has films like Jodhaa Akbar and Bajirao Mastani along with TV shows like Chandrakanta, Siya Ke Ram, Razia Sultan, Devon Ke Dev Ma..

Select it right!

  Voonik shares the most important suggestion to select the perfect pair of denims while shopping. Enclosed are the list of suggestions from Voonik to understand the fabric, and purchase the denims basis the body type. Bhavya Chawla, Chief St..

Make way for the messy bun

    By sanaya chavda For her first official engagement for the year, Meghan Markle made heads turn with her choice of updo. The royal appeared to be breaking protocol by sporting a knotted chignon, with a few loose strands framing her face...


  If there is a choice, and a woman takes the route of providing sexual favours for getting work, who can judge her for that? It is quid pro quo if the woman is going into it with her eyes open and using her sexuality to get what she wants. Some y..

The daily dilemma of a working mother

  By sonal fuke “To do or not to do….” is a dilemma that almost every modern, aware, sensible and educated woman faces everyday when she is juggling her duties towards her profession, children, husband, kitchen and other househ..

Grassroot designs

  By nivedita What happens when women from ‘silai schools’ in rural India up the ante under the expert guidance of fashion designers? They not only hone their skills and amplify their earning potential but also learn about fashion, ga..


  By UMA RAMACHANDRAN “A woman has to prove her ability twice over to be accepted in this society. But once she makes a beginning, it is a cakewalk,” says Sushma Swaraj. But she testifies that there was not a single occasion in her 41..

Weddings we

    By biraj dixit It is upon us again. The great Indian wedding season - with all its gregariousness and grandiose, congeniality and compunction, chaos and chagrins - is upon us. The great wedding – a powerful prelude to life’s..

Let conscience guide

    By aditi singh It was a Class 3 classroom. The English teacher wrote down 10 words on the blackboard for the children to copy for the next day’s dictation test. They all did so. The next day, the dictation was given and the papers..

Sindoor - A matter of choice

    By durga chakravarty For some, sindoor signifies tradition and is a celebration of womanhood. For others, it’s an outdated statement women make about their marital status. Designer Masaba Gupta, who has sought inspiration from ver..

A storyteller by heart

    By iffat amjad sheikh And this is how the Pied Piper played the magical pipe to drive away the rats from the city of Hamelin... is a staple food for bedtime stories since ages. We all want to recreate the world of ‘once upon a tim..

Queer leaks, these!

    By biraj dixit What a leaking world we live in! Everything you say, do or prepare for, can drip out leaving very little with you. Luxurious words like privacy, secrecy and confidentiality are coming at an even higher price. The moment y..

Summer hacks for your feet

    The season of sunshine has arrived so step out safe and in style this season with healthy feet by opting for the right footwear.Kanika Bhatia, Chief Experience Officer, Egoss -- a premium menswear leather shoe brand and Ayush Diwan ..

The handmade khadi denim

  By Heena Khandelwal It’s simply called, ‘Khadi Denim’, but Delhi-based label 11.11’s regular blue jeans is a special garment. Made from an indigenous variety of cotton called kala cotton that is cultivated pesticide-free..

Make your own Style Statement

    By krina panjwani Being stylish is synonymous with being confident. It’s all about the comfort and certainty with which one carries different attires, be it Indian, western or indo western fusion. Being stylish also suggests weari..


      Our country has a rich cultural heritage embedded with love sagas - our Gods, mythologies and history are full of references to love stories that are famous legends across the world. However, India remains a conservative society ..

The selfie effect

    By sanaya chavda Nailing the perfect selfie has become a lot more than just about perfecting your hair and make-up. The desire to look good has sparked an increase in cosmetic surgery procedures across the world. Whether it is to upload..

Being too emotional; turning flaws into attributes!

    By apurva jagdale Universally, it is the genetic set up of a woman to be over possessive or to be too emotional. These are inborn attributes and their excess may damage personality and disturb the psychological health of a woman. Krupa,..

Unhealthy Foods That Are Actually Good

            By SARAH HAAN Why is it that so many delicious and healthful foods have gotten such bad raps? We could blame the sensational headlines in the media or your Uncle Jack’s lack of understanding about t..

The poor man’s saffron!

  By Anthony Kuriakose There is no herb that can be used for various uses- ranging from beauty aids to cancer - like Turmeric. In 2015 The international price of turmeric was 120 rupees a kilo and the price of one kilo of saffron was nearly 4000 ..