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She Climbs to Conquer

    By vincent van ross,   At 10.00 am on Sept 25, 2017, Aparna Kumar reached the summit of Mt. Manaslu, the eighth highest peak in the world and unfurled the tricolour to become the first Indian woman to scale this inhospitable mount..

Divided we are

  By Biraj Dixit, What a divided world we are living in?!! Everybody seems in such utter disagreement with one another. Utterly devastated, warring nations are in disagreement when to call truce. Presidents utter un‘hole’y words that ..

Making memories to cherish for a lifetime

  Birth photography is about capturing the raw and real emotions of the event and un-photoshopped moment as it unfolds.... Once considered a behind-closed-doors affair, the powerful, emotional and beautiful journey of birth has now turned in..

I resolve…yes…err

  By biraj dixit, It is hardly the time of year to look back. The year has just started and all one should do is look forward. There is no question of looking back unless you are yet reeling under the hangover of the previous year’s drunken..

Gift Experiences

  This holiday season, select the perfect gift for your family. Gift them experiences - that they will cherish forever....   This season, give something that can’t be wrapped: an unforgettable experience. No one wants to imagine her g..

The turn of the tide

  By manisha karwa, A New Zealand port town is where INSV Tarini's all-women crew have paused to ponder before setting sail for the third, and perhaps the most arduous leg of their maiden global circumnavigation, finds out the writer &ldquo..

New Year, New Page

  By Biraj Dixit, Another year draws to a close. Another year pulls the steady stream of time aside to dip in some of its own fables and tales. And like a drifting pebble, a tiny soul floats on the waves of time, all engrossed in thinking of its ..

'Keto diet is a lifestyle'

  By harshada rege, Jaydeep Bhuta, at 30, has a remarkable story for those who are struggling with obesity. In 2014, he was at his unhealthiest. He weighed over 142 kg with his waist measuring 52 inches. From then to now, he has made his mark as ..

Your side? My side? Stay aside

  By biraj dixit, Do films really help in changing outlook?  Can they malign a very respectable part of history by mere depiction? It is nobody’s fault. Nobody is in the wrong actually. That, of course, does not mean that everybody i..

Being A Female Super Randonneur

  By dr aarti kelkar, "Never let your fear decide your future !!""Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being excited about what could go right." These two quotes constantly kept inspiring and guiding me while accepting the challeng..

The Saga of Cheese in India

    By pheroze kharegat, Most Indian cheese makers belong to a small and exclusive group — artisan cheese makers — who disdain processed cheese and instead believe in producing natural cheeses and are following in the footstep..

When Life Comes Full Circle

  By rakhi ghosh, “I am old, widowed and living all by myself. I am financially secure but I have one serious problem and that is loneliness. My children are settled outside the state and are busy chasing lucrative careers while my grandchi..

Know the zari in your sari

  By homai sagar, With the price of gold /silver/ and even silk skyrocketing in the past one year, the zari in your Sari, which is an amalgam all these three is in real trouble. Zari bought by weavers in Kanchipuram or Benares comes in spools, (k..

Dhanyawad, Oxford!

  By Biraj Dixit,       AMIDST the raging debate of ‘ease of doing business’ in India, I declare my whole-hearted support to any move that can bring about ease. Though much like the voices from the Government, the ..

How To Have Healthy Relationships

  By kv gautam, Honesty is the best policy in relationships. If you are used to telling lies to people then you will soon find it tough to tell more lies. You will end up finding yourself in a trouble as your lies will be exposed one day and you ..

Plaid perfect

  By manish mishra, Tartan seems to be the major trend for Resort 2018... esigners across the board have toyed with the classic plaid this season. Fendi sent out a pantsuit in grey checks and Louis Vuitton flirted with it in edgy pattern and tex..

Sweet Ravioli with Lacha Rabdi

  Sweet Ravioli stuffed with paneer and dry fruits, soaked in sugar syrup and served with Rabdi. Sweet Ravioli is very close to our Indian dessert Karanji. These look royal when served with garnishings. Try it out for and make a great impression o..

With best compliments!

By BIRAJ DIXIT, Compliments, give me some and win me over! There is nothing in this entire world as charming and as disarming as compliments. With them, you thrive and blossom. With them, your affections for your own good self stand vindicated. With ..

Eating smart

By dr rani bhutada, PARENTS YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF FOOD EDUCATIONFood Education is an integral and essential part of Education. Information about Balanced Diet, Nutrition and Diet Discipline should be solemnly put into practise by parents at home since t..

The very God-fearing me!

    By Biraj Dixit, God-fearing, am I? Oh, absolutely.I fear nothing more than God. He is great. He is omnipotent and omniscient and He is hardly going to find a more intense devotee than myself. One look from the sky and I am the one He ..

Safety tips for solo female travellers

  By bharti nadkarni, A female solo traveller is always at risk no matter where she is. Here are 10 important tips on safety, by a traveller who has travelled solo for over a decade. 1. Be alertYou must be super alert if you are travelling alone..

Designing for posterity

  By ishani pankule, The designer, with an eponymous label, believes that each garment she creates is deeply rooted in the Indian spirit and effortlessly modern. Her lack of formal training in designing in fact has helped her to create her own de..

Pumpkin Pistachios Tawa Kebab

  To make: 4 Kebabs. Ingredients: 150 gm orange yellow pumpkin (bhopla or kumbhda), blanched and mashed20 gm pistachios (pista), blanched1 ts finely chopped ginger (adrak)3 green chillies, finely chopped¾ tsp turmeric (haldi) powder¾..

The Game is afoot

    By biraj dixit Seasons, seasons!We once were so sure of them. Now, they are giving the human the taste of his own medicine by making unpredictability their biggest asset. They, too, have been in human company for long and know that pr..

Play with your sari for a different look

  Saris can be formal, sexy, fun, traditional and so much more but wearing them in one style can make the most interesting and expensive look a tad boring. How about giving this six yard wonder a different draping every time you step out? Fashion ..

GST through the eyes of a woman

  By biraj dixit, They have often been accused of not seeing much. They have also been accused of understanding even less. So to look into serious issues of national good and complicated matters of finance, the eyes of a woman, can, by no means..

Sanchaita's Ready To Bring Lasting Change

  It all started with a visit to an impoverished village where Sanchaita Gajapati Raju got an opportunity to see rural life from close quarters. Among other social concerns she observed an acute lack of basic conveniences, especially clean drinkin..

Style tricks to look taller

  Short in height? Wear flared jeans, deep V shaped necklines and long topcoats to appear taller, say experts. Salesh Grover, Business Head, OSL Luxury Collections Pvt. Ltd - Corneliani, and Vandana Anurag, Founder of The Parisian Boudoir (online-..

Learn or unlearn?

    By biraj dixit     All vacations must come to an end. These wise words have never left my side and are as unsparing to me as they are to everybody else. As the vacation is fast coming to an end my air is filled with an une..

Virtual Classrooms That Proffer Education And Peace

  Nidhi Shendurnikar, an independent researcher, took up the challenge to teach English to Afghan youths because she felt like she had “a duty towards these brilliant young people who deserved better life opportunities as much as we do.&rdqu..

Plagiarism is by-product of fashion industry:

  By nIvedita Her designs are widely replicated by shop owners, and bought by those who want to ace their style quotient in an affordable way, but designer Anita Dongre feels plagiarism is a by-product of the fashion industry. However, she says a..

And the unending tussle continues

  Scene 1: A beautiful and smart girl in her 20s is married to a businessman. She walks down the aisle with many dreams in her eyes of finally settling down with her Prince Charming. The fairy tale sees an abrupt end. The news of a ‘newly-we..

A forgotten recipe of Maharashtra Coriander Mutton:

By sumit paul, Pakistani writer and scholar Dr Fahmida Riyaaz once aptly remarked that, “Food brings people of different countries together.” In the present context, one should say that food brings people of two warring countries together, ..

Cook it upby Mona Asoka Verma

Cook it upby Mona Asoka Verma..

For the women,by the women

Though the publishing industry is dominated by men, there is one leading publishing company in India run entirely by young women. Imagine a ship navigated by all women sailors or a steel plant run by all women engineers and labourers. Difficult to imag..

Tips & tricks to prevent fading of colour treated hair

By n By By NATALIE NICHOLS If you colour your hair, there’s no doubt that you spend quite a bit of hard-earned cash, as well as precious time, sitting in hair salons each year to keep your colour looking gorgeous. And if you’re like many p..

On 25 Years of The National Commission For Women

We brought out Voice of the Voiceless, a report on the Status of Muslim Women in India. Among its several far reaching recommendations was one for stopping the practice of instant triple talaq and multiple marriages, in accordance with the provisions of..

Would you pass the gendar test

Women bring to their writing the truth of their bodies, and an enquiry into the different ways in which gender inequity shapes human experiences (and destroys lives). Many female writers also place women protagonists at the centre of their work and many..

Spring clean your skin

By Pallavi Aman Singh NEW DELHI, Feb 18 (ANI) SOON, the winter will be gone, unfortunately leaving behind some chilling effects. As the days get longer and the temperatures begin to shin up, off go the jumpers and boots and on come the skin-exposing g..

Go the bohemian way

  Go the bohemian way PRAMITA BOSE Are you a bohemian at heart but shy of admitting it? Well, throw your inhibitions to the wind and discover the rebel in you thisseason. For ‘boho chic’ is taking the fashion scene by storm. Derived ..

Rajasthan gets first woman Qazis

Afroz Begum (right) and Jahan Aara who became the first women Qazis in Rajasthan after completing a two-year training course from Mumbai-based Darul Uloom-i-Nisawa, in Jaipur on Monday. (PTI) JAIPUR, Feb 8 (PTI) BREAKING down stereotypes, Afroz Beguma..

Why buy when you can hire!!

  July 7 By Banalata Bipani With about one marriage per family every 20 years, India averages roughly one crore of marriages every year, costing 110000 crores of rupees. That means on an average, an expense of 110000 rupees (one lakh an..