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Knowing Black Hole

  ‘Hawking’s radiation’ was proposed by the great Stephen Hawking. Before I start, again you’ll need to understand some very important stuff. A black hole is that region in space which is so dense and has that enormous grav..

Domestic violence

Domestic violence is also called dating violence, intimate partner abuse, intimate partner violence and domestic abuse - takes many form. Maltreatment also take place in context of any romantic relationship, that is described in above. It therefore affect..

New Year with New Resolution

  At the end of the year, everyone set a new resolution forthe year ahead. After a few days, majority of those people forget their new year resolution and fall into old pattern. The reason behind this thing is that most of them are totally unaware..

Growth Nothing more permanent than change

Saints, poets and spiritual leaders have often said, “Time isn't the main thing. It is the only thing”. I feel that time is the most stable thing around. Every day there is a sunrise,a sunset, these as ones change in a particular order, the Ea..

Physics in cartoons

  (“Measurements of subatomic particles revealed that they appear to be in different places at the same time.” A well-known puzzle at the heart of Quantum physicscalled ‘Superposition’.) I generally asked my little six-ye..


  What did you do?Would be asked to youIn the after death courtStanding with dock supportHeavily lined and worn faceEyes that told the life is raceEars blocked by all the lieLips who forgot to say goodbye What did you do?Would be asked to youFacing..

Green Chemistry discovery leading to safer plastics

The world recognises the practice of ‘Green Chemistry and Engineering’ not only leading to a cleaner and more sustainable earth, but also economically beneficial with many positive social impacts. Green Chemistry, also called as Sustainable..

Words of wisdom

        Malice in your corridors, deceit at your gatesCorrode your mind, prophesy your fateVirtues and vices refuse to share a frameOne brings triumph, the other brings shameFalse vows intensify emotionsBy neglecting excuses yet ..

Escalating Happiness

  Mom, what do they get by doing this? The child asked her mother. Mom was speechless...What could she say....The little girl was scared at the sight of smoke that surrounded their otherwise bright verandah... “How can they enjoy bursting fi..

The Statue of Unity!

  Pride of India, the Statue of Unity, was inaugurated and unveiled on October 31 as a mark of tribute to former Deputy Prime Minister of India, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. It gives me a ray of hope that the country will do justice to the name of th..


Positive attitude, dedication, determination, self-confidence, ability, availability, perseverance, persistence, passion, compassion, value system and what not.  I hope, I have covered most of the ‘really very good to hear words’ which m..

The Truth

Yes, I am death, I am the one and only The truth and the lie,The one who meets when you die,I love your life more than you,I love your existence more than you,I love your loved ones more than you,I love your life more than anyone else.Your whole life is ..


Greetings to the readers. Today I have taken this initiative to highlight the immense importance of engineers and doctors. Engineers and doctors are the only two professionals who make a country progress, develop and flourish. Engineers and doctors form t..

To feel nothing

HOW does it sometimes actually feel to feel nothing? I am not influenced by anyone or anything. It’s the way I’m feeling... Nothing. Pouring these things out also needs emotions and that emotion is of being numb. It’s strange to know th..


  WE all have certain dreams, don’t we? Some have a dream to have their own flat or a home, some dream of becoming an engineer or a doctor. But are you living in that dream or you living for it? Many of us won’t understand the differen..

Precious gifts

  A calm man with a helping hand, Quiet systematic in thinking grand,To have him as a mentor I am glad,He is a precious gift I ever had,He is none other than my dear dad!! Her words I always treasure,Listening to her gives me immense pleasure,My..


HUMANITY not only means the human race but also the qualities which make us humane, the ability to have compassion, be kind, creative and not be a “robot or alien”. What distinguishes us from animals? They also eat food, sleep, run, give birth..

Nameless one

  We all dream of that nameless one,  Who’s soul is almost as vague,As his perfect world with Normal peopleAnd goodness spread like plague.The unseen lead of one hundred tales, Speaks of his perfect days, Of how goodness slaughters the..


  Born to fly, born to discover He was a science and students’ lover.My admirations are still very smallBut his discoveries were a boon for all. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul KalamWho is popularly known as ‘Missile Man’ of Indi..

Civil engineers and society

  ENGINEERING is not only science but it is an art. It is the way in which people can think in more innovative ways and come out with best possible outcome.So many people want to take up engineering because of their exploring nature but also one o..

Are we alone in the Universe

  I believe alien life is quite common in the Universe, although intelligent life is less so. Some say it has yet to appear on planet Earth. - Stephen Hawking WHAt do we know about the Universe? The answer is, Very less. Actually, 4% of the tot..


  I LOVE to embrace bad things, hard things. I love to see worst situations and the way people handle it. I love to view the hills go steeply up and down. I love to see a tiny boat dangling in the storm. I love these things which seems dreadful to..

Unforgettable regrets

When I first saw you, all I could notice were your eyes I got lost in it deeply, I felt some kind of magic showering around. You had a beautiful eyes the kind one could be lost in it, and I guess I did...For a fleeting moment eye contact happened, which,..

Serene hearts, the happy ones

So as for a start to the story, There was an explosion and a world was formed merry,Everything was perfectly good and happy,It was beautifully quiet and nappy,Till the time when he created humans,Here was the brain with ideas and weapons,Potion of tale..

My Lifetime Companions

  There are a few places you don't wish to leave. These are places that make you feel at home,Places that have thousands of tales to shareBut do we even care? These are places that tell us about our past,And places that will make our future last..

Celebrating 72 years of Independence

  Many years ago, we made a tryst with destiny and now the time has come when we shall redeem our pledge, not wholly or in full measure, but very substantially. These were the felicitous words spoken by our country’s first Prime Minister Pt ..

A True Friend Like You

  You came into my life like a dream come true, You filled my life with mere existence of you. You gave me faith and love a lot,You told me the trends of which I never knew about. Your nuisance was the only presentation of your innocent art,Str..

My Super Hero

  HE WAS the one who predicted my future the moment I was born. He was the most joyful face that I could see after my birth. I was the reason for his happiness. People say, ‘No Daughter, Only Son’ but he was the one who accepted me wit..


    IODINE is a substance which we use to stain different peels to make it distinct, organelles visible and studyful under a microscope. These peels actually take up the stain of dark iodine. As these single layered peels undergo stagnation ..

What is Success

Aspiring for success, Is one of the most miserable way of living life,if we really want to be Successful we need to enhance our perception,to see the things as they really are without any distortion. Success for us is just an idea,Which breeds on other ..


  Hope is something you want that it happens and when it eventually does, you are actually happy. On the other hand, expectation is something you feel that it should happen and when it doesn't happen, you feel broken, shattered. In the prevalent ..

The Nation Needs A Uniform Civil Code

By Uniform Civil Code, it is meant that all sections of the society irrespective of their religion shall be treated equally according to a national civil code, which shall be applicable to all uniformly. They cover areas like marriage, divorce, maintenanc..

Being Pretty

  ISHA was roaming around the college with a big smile on face and excitement in her eyes. She was more than happy to finally enter adulthood and college life. She was a young woman with lots of dreams and a wild soul to get it all! Unlike other ..

Truth and Lie

  The life is just a great lie. One who came has to say good bye.New births bring joy of millionaire,Deaths leave us in a desert of despair.Entry and exit is nature’s rule,Immortality is a truth for fool.Living even after eternal rest,Not i..

What Am I

A flickering image on the retina of your eyes The glimpse of a shadow next to you when the sun goes downA single motionwhirling and swaying , heading off your sightyou've never been able to touch ,but has always been in reachThe warm spot on the blanketw..


  The recent incidence of mass suicide by 11 members of a family at Burari, New Delhi has sent shockwaves across the country. People have started associating it with numerous speculations. But the most convincing theory is probably that of a psych..

What makes a good teacher

  When we look back over our schooling days, what do we most remember about those days? The lessons? The breaks? The books? No, we remember those amazing people who were our teachers. It is them that we remember and cherish the most. After all are..

Staying apart is hell

Love in life is only you to me, No one can replace you its a guarantee... My heart crys and misses you each day,I miss you is the only thing I can say... A video call may get me back my smile,But it is for sure just for while... No matter how much we ..


  Self-motivation is nothing different from staying motivated due to one’s own interest. One should be a self-motivated person, as self-motivation is the key to live a successful, satisfying and sound life. It plays a vital role in one&rsquo..

Socially Accepted

    It’s Varun’s birthday today. He was unable to sleep the previous night due to continuous phone calls and texts that were but obvious to attend. After a sinful sleep, he finally got up and was missing Karan, his best friend wh..

Light Bulb

IT WAS middle of the night. I woke up and checked the clock showing 3:45 am. Sleepily, I stood up and was unknowingly about to place my foot onto a skate shoe. But the rays from the light bulb warned me and a terrible disaster was averted. That episode ..

Message in a child’s innocence

HAVE you ever looked into the eyes of a child? What do you see? Recently I got a chance to do so during a photowalk in Mangalwari Bazaar at Mahal. There was this beautiful girl who had come with her father to buy some groceries. She was continuously sta..

A Tryst with Destiny

  Clouds of calumny surround me;  a force drags me into abyss,My chatty exterior disillusions me with temporary bliss,I come across as intransigent, but sometimes so gullible indeed;My thoughts seem inscrutable, my mind impossible to read.Pe..


  It is a quite famous phrase that does not need any explanation. But there’s a difference between hearing something and understanding a thing. Everyone has heard this phrase but only a few have really understood it. It is human tendency th..

‘Small’ room to experiment

  Jay Bhanushali’s tryst with showbiz started with the small screen, and he is in no mood to ditch the industry for Bollywood. But Jay, who is willing to do an interesting fiction TV show, says it is easy to typecast and stereotype an actor ..

The month of results!

APRIL, May and June... summer splashes wait for you to enjoy and also to face the outcome of endless hard work for which you put your entire life. It’s quite weird, isn’t it? Many sleepless nights or a bit negligence, all to be paid attention ..


Instagram is one of the most on-air applications nowadays in the cosmos. Well this is not only for entertainment purpose but also for making strong contacts, doing business and getting followers to flaunt your popularity. In the heaven, there lived three..


I sit down At this confluenceSurrounded by the lights I cannot seeAt an attempt, once again, to fit in.All of my other senses have evolvedAnd the bouncing babble of the water is twisting in the canal of my earsThe breeze is growing into winds and dancing..


  PEOPLE often say “come on, boys don’t cry, stop crying like a girl... boys don’t cry”. We have heard these phrases since childhood and many of us agree to it. But who said boys don’t cry? Boys do cry. Crying is an ..

Desire for importance

  We crave for importance, This is what drives us,On the track of ambition,All our originality rusts! Centre of attraction we want to be,All the worldly glories in our name we want to see,We can’t let others have a forward leapThen how our..

Goal of my life

  A LIFE without a goal is like walking on a street without knowing the destination. Our life is made of a seemingly unreachable stairway on which we have to climb along with billions aspiring to reach the top. The journey, however, continues and ..


  When things go rough for a while, And you are not sure whether to walk a mile,Or to slow down or wait for some time,Or just conclude that life won’t be ever sublime.When all you see is darkness,Whilst you figure out if it is the world or ..

‘Dilli Waali’ me!

“TU TOH ekdum Dilli waali ho gayi!.” I can’t count the number of times this sentence has been bombarded on me. For the longest time, I chuckled through it because it didn’t really matter and the context in which it did matter, &lsq..


  NATURE provides countless things to the living creatures. While providing it gives everything whole heartedly. The sky has no limit. Earth can not be measured. Sun gives light and energy. Air and oxygen are there for the creatures to help them t..


  I AM thankful to the almighty that I am blessed with a vision that can contribute to change the world. I am also aware that there are many other people like me walking around with the same vision but lack opportunities. Sadly, people don’t..


  INDIA is one of the youngest nations in the world, with more than 54% of the total population below 25 years of age and over 62% of the population in the working age group (15- 59 years).This demographic advantage is expected to last only until 20..

Celebrating Woman’s Life

  TWO days from today the International Women’s DAY will be celebrated. The Women’s DAY is celebrated on the March 8 every year. Now you must be wondering why I am highlighting the word DAY again and again. On that note, here is my quest..

Celebrating Woman’s Life

  TWO days from today the International Women’s DAY will be celebrated. The Women’s DAY is celebrated on the March 8 every year. Now you must be wondering why I am highlighting the word DAY again and again. On that note, here is my que..

My journey of becoming a writer

  AFTER completing my last article, “The train of life” I was thinking about what should be my next write-up. Although, my heart knew that I had to write something. Suddenly, I got the subject when my friend and I were chatting the ot..

Journey full of adventures

  A journey full of countless adventures in a single slot; some are sweet, while some are not.Some give grief, a few relief;but don’t get tensed, because that’s life. And that’s how everything’s got to work;Because there&..

How she found her love

  LOVE was all she longed for. She was 18 and belonged to a conservative family where good girls don’t say no to their parents. It was a fine day when her father came and asked her to get married. All she said was if that would make him happ..


  The month of love will be celebrated spreading the joy everywhere. Everybody celebrates the spirit of love with full of happiness, the spirit of togetherness with their loved ones. But as we think about love, we often forget the love that we ge..

Day Dreaming

  Hundred chances Thousands tryOnly failureAnyone knows why? It was not failureNeither it was a tryIts just beggingTo a mission high. Can cry for failureCan sigh in bad timeLazy ass won’t get upBut sing sad hyme Many pending assignmentsM..

Live your dream

  LIVE or leave are two words with same pronunciation but different meaning. It’s your own choice whether you want to live your dream or leave your dream. Belonging to a typical orthodox family my only dream is to be independent. As a girl ..


  When we think of ourselves and find a way or the other to blame or find mistakes in our activities, it becomes difficult to live with such thoughts. Some people have a very good perspective about everything and even about themselves. On the othe..


  “Be cautioned this whole coming week, my dear chirpers and squeakers. The invaders have started coming slowly and with the steady flow of wind, it has to be this week. Down the years, many of our loved ones have lost their lives already an..

Be your own santa

  In our childhood, only the words “Santa Claus” gave us a lot of excitement. The eagerness would grip us every Christmas thinking of a man in a red dress, white hair and beard and a pot belly, supposed to gift us something we had wish..

History of Amer Kila

Amer Fort, along with 5 other forts in Rajasthan, was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site under the group “Hill Forts of Rajasthan” in the year 2013. Amer Fort is located high on a hill. It is the principal tourist attraction in Jaipur ..


Amor And there is a moment when everything in this world seems a fantasy,When that beautiful chaos around you fills your black and white life with colours of happiness,One angelic energy adores your broken soul effortlessly reminding their presence,Who wo..

Happiness According to Me

  My happiness is acquired through countless stimuli. The stimuli could be material or emotional. One cannot give a general definition for happiness, as each person has his or her own perception of what happiness is. My happiness lies in the eye o..

Kid’s education becomes career option for youth

  By Ankita Garg, When I was in school, medicine, law and engineering was the best career option and everyone dreams to become one of them. In today’s scenario, youngsters seem to be more attracted towards teaching and social services. Even..

Reality Check

  It was exam time and we had two days’ break for the next paper. As usual I was never going to utilise the break for studies! I ended up opening my books on the last morning, started with a chapter I was well versed with and with all my dis..

Bugs in the Closet

CLOTHES are one of the basic requirements of humans. With clothes comes dirt, sweat and odour. Everyone of us have been scolded for smelly clothes, some or the other day in our life. We are always lectured and bombarded about personal hygiene, managing ..

I choose to live my life well

  I choose to live my life well…….. Life will give us various opportunities to become a good individual. Sometimes there will be many ups and downs in our life. Some people will regret about it whereas some people will learn from it..

Youngsters to rock in theme-based outfits in wedding functions

                      Tajwar Khan Fashion Designer Tajwar Khan says that the wedding season is round the corner and everyone is busy in the preparation and so I too. Trend shows theme-..

Journalist turns lifesaver; develops database on blood donors

          By Deepak Tyagi, City based journalist Shahid Kamil, who, after having faced a couple of significant life altering events, decided to take up this social initiative and created a database platform of volun..

My soul’s salvation

  I died! That’s not a complaint; rather a compliment for me. Because my soul knows that I lived my entire life protecting my fellow people; and even in the end, I went to greet death like an old friend; chest puffed with pride that I was ab..

The Dangerous Duo of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth

  William Shakespeare’s Macbeth was first staged at the Globe theatre in the year 1606, possibly from a prompt book and is one of his shortest tragedies. The tragic play dramatises the detrimental psychological and physical consequences of M..

Make yourself a brand

  Who says girls are losers? We are also made up of the same potential, same capacity. The only thing is that we are bound by your own walls and thoughts which are either dumped in your mind by the society or relatives. Come on, bring yourself out..


  Role of teachers in our life is very important. A teacher may be anyone, it maybe parents, school teachers, professors, friends so whosoever who make things easy for you, who ensures your well-being and the one who can guide you. It cannot ..

Aim for the ‘New You’

  In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity Albert Einstein I personally like this quote a lot as it somehow makes me want to do so much, to learn and move faster on ideas.Every difficulty comes with an opportunity, so grab that opportu..

A letter to myself

  Dear Lois, Hey friend, I have been missing you since quite a long period. Several days, weeks and months have passed by but I remain unheard of your well-being. It seems you are not any more interested in confiding even the tiniest of your secr..


  Struggle is never for the success,rather for the realities accepted,May be for chaulvarism,of not being in limitation,but for being imitation of who we actually are,Right or wrong,neither could be justified,As one pushed 'Mata Sita' into fire,an..

Poetry Corner

Escape Escape from the things you hate , Escape from the world full of slays, But you can’t escape from the stars and the sky above, You can’t escape from the sun, moon and the heaven above , You can escape from the problems, You can’t ..

The art of mind control

  Change your life today’s don’t gumble on the future act now without delay. Mind is the only which can take you anywhere placebo effect that doctor are using to control the mind psycho neuroimmune neurological system is proportional t..

Perception about freedom

  Freedom is an entirely personal experience. One’s attitude to one’s own human ‘condition’ is one that is defined exclusively by perception and understanding. It is well documented in journals detailing the complexities of..

City girl explores ‘Attires of Bhopal’

By Pallavi Singh, Bhopal is known for its rich heritage and Nawabi culture. Nawabi architecture of the city and the enticing cuisine is something everybody is familiar with. But, there are very few people, who know about the legacy of the attires that ..

Air adventures, night camps become first choice of youngsters

By Pallavi Singh, Gone are the days when adventure sports included only the trekking and hiking activities. Youngsters are always in search of something new and adventurous. City youth groups are now heading towards air adventure activities like paragl..

Mah Govt to fund second satellite of Pune college

Mah Govt to fund second satellite of Pune college..


A SMALL TOWN GOLD SLICE BREAD FACTORY TURNS THE MIRROR, FROM SWACH BHARAT STARTS WITH SWACH INTAKES By Uzma Khan ASearch of Hygenic thought led me to pen down this article. Arguably looking out for things in your life which have had the essence of the..

This is how India-Pakistan border looks from space at night

WASHINGTON Oct 6 PTI AN ASTRONAUT aboard the International Space Station has clicked a stunning night-time image of the border between India and Pakistan, showing one of the few places on Earth where an international boundary can be seen..