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  Struggle is never for the success,rather for the realities accepted,May be for chaulvarism,of not being in limitation,but for being imitation of who we actually are,Right or wrong,neither could be justified,As one pushed 'Mata Sita' into fire,an..

Poetry Corner

Escape Escape from the things you hate , Escape from the world full of slays, But you can’t escape from the stars and the sky above, You can’t escape from the sun, moon and the heaven above , You can escape from the problems, You can’t ..

The art of mind control

  Change your life today’s don’t gumble on the future act now without delay. Mind is the only which can take you anywhere placebo effect that doctor are using to control the mind psycho neuroimmune neurological system is proportional t..

Perception about freedom

  Freedom is an entirely personal experience. One’s attitude to one’s own human ‘condition’ is one that is defined exclusively by perception and understanding. It is well documented in journals detailing the complexities of..

City girl explores ‘Attires of Bhopal’

By Pallavi Singh, Bhopal is known for its rich heritage and Nawabi culture. Nawabi architecture of the city and the enticing cuisine is something everybody is familiar with. But, there are very few people, who know about the legacy of the attires that ..

Air adventures, night camps become first choice of youngsters

By Pallavi Singh, Gone are the days when adventure sports included only the trekking and hiking activities. Youngsters are always in search of something new and adventurous. City youth groups are now heading towards air adventure activities like paragl..

Mah Govt to fund second satellite of Pune college

Mah Govt to fund second satellite of Pune college..


A SMALL TOWN GOLD SLICE BREAD FACTORY TURNS THE MIRROR, FROM SWACH BHARAT STARTS WITH SWACH INTAKES By Uzma Khan ASearch of Hygenic thought led me to pen down this article. Arguably looking out for things in your life which have had the essence of the..

This is how India-Pakistan border looks from space at night

WASHINGTON Oct 6 PTI AN ASTRONAUT aboard the International Space Station has clicked a stunning night-time image of the border between India and Pakistan, showing one of the few places on Earth where an international boundary can be seen..